Communication box system (exclusive cards)

The system supports the issuance of exclusive cards to customers’ drivers.

Drivers only need to recharge their cards and can directly use the cards to refuel at the gas pump.

The background will automatically generate consumption records corresponding to the cards for drivers to view and write off.

The issuance and recharge of cards on station-level equipment are mainly accomplished through station-level software,

while the issuance and recharge of wireless device cards are mainly accomplished through card-issuing software.

The following mainly introduces the use of wireless card-issuing software.

1. Main interface

Main interface

The picture above shows the main interface of the wireless card issuance software. The software supports the issuance of multiple cards. Users can select the appropriate card for operation.

1.1 Card creation and modification

When a customer issues a new card to a driver, he or she must select the card creation function (New Card Build) to create the card.

New Card Build

As shown in the picture above, users can choose from multiple card types and choose the appropriate type to create a card for the customer.

After the user fills in the basic information for the driver, they can click the card creation button to create a card,

and the system will automatically generate a card for the driver based on the current information. Unique card number and account.

Card Update

As shown in the picture above, the card information can be read through the card modification function after the driver is created.

When the driver wants to modify a certain card function, he can enter the information on the current page and click Card Modification to complete the modification of the card information.

but the modification items are limited to basic information, and the card number and account number generated by the system cannot be modified.

1.2 Stored Value and Redemption

Card balance

After the driver completes the card creation, the user can choose the stored value red function to operate the card balance for the driver. Click the card read button on the current interface, and the system will automatically read the card’s basic information and balance. In the Operate selection box, the user can select the recharge, consumption, or red function to modify the card balance. When the user operation is completed, the system will record the current operation to the center for the driver to query in the future.


As shown in the figure, in the user flow inquiry interface of the central interface, the system will display the transaction status of each driver’s card for the driver to check and reconcile in the future. It will also summarize all the refueling volume, refueling amount, and flushing within a period. Amount and non-oil consumption amount.

1.3 Card replacement and unlocking

Card unlock

The wireless card issuance system also adds a card replacement function. When the driver’s card is accidentally lost, the driver can report it to the user. Based on the information given by the driver, the user can lock the driver’s lost card discard it remotely, and open a card through the system. Give the driver a new card. The new card inherits all the information and balance of the lost card, making it easier for the driver to check it in a unified manner in the future.

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