Consequences of private Installation of Fuel Dispensers

Consequences of private installation of fuel dispensers.

mobile fuel dispenser
Mobile fuel dispenser

Recently, some car owners and drivers have installed fuel dispensers on their vehicles to facilitate refueling on the road. However,

this kind of private installation of oil tankers is not only illegal but also brings great risks to traffic safety.

Refueling Installing a fuel dispenser in a car without permission first violates the relevant regulations of our country.

According to regulations, motor vehicle accessories must be approved by the corresponding department and obtain relevant certificates. If it is installed without permission,

it will not only be considered an illegal act but also the quality of the illegally installed tanker cannot be guaranteed.

Although installing a refueling machine privately may save part of the refueling cost, the hidden dangers it brings are huge. Using improperly may cause serious injury, loss, and legal consequences to you and your family. The following are the possible consequences of installing a tanker without permission:

1. It can easily cause a fire.

Private installation of refueling equipment is unstable, the use of fuel pipelines usually does not meet the prescribed technical requirements,

so it is easy to leak, fall off, and other situations. As a result, fire may be triggered, causing casualties, serious property losses, and environmental pollution.

cause a fire

2. Resulting in personal injury.

The private installation of refueling equipment does not meet the technical regulations so dangerous situations may occur during the refueling process, such as fuel leakage and fuel spatter. Without effective protection, it can result in injury or death.

3. Environmental pollution.

Private installation of refueling machine facilities does not meet the technical regulations, and maintenance and cleaning work is difficult to be effectively guaranteed,

so it is easy to lead to oil tanks, oil pipes, and other equipment due to damage or corrosion and cause environmental pollution.

4. The vehicle malfunctions.

The oil used by the private installation of the tanker may not meet the quality standards,

and such fuel will seriously affect the performance of the vehicle and even damage the engine, causing certain property losses to the owner.

The vehicle malfunctions

5. The legal consequences.

Unauthorized installation of refueling machines is a violation of the locality law, and if found, will be punished for illegal acts.

In general, the private installation of refueling machines brings great risks and adverse effects to individuals and families. The installation of the refueling machine requires professional technology and reasonable management, if there is no comprehensive safety inspection and control by professional organizations, such installation and use is obviously not appropriate.

Therefore, it is unacceptable to install fuel tankers in cars without permission. In order to ensure traffic safety, we cannot put our own private interests above laws and regulations and social safety. We should abide by the traffic rules, strengthen our knowledge of vehicle safety, and improve the risk judgment ability of vehicle safety and emergency handling skills, so as to achieve vehicle safety and orderly driving.

Finally, we hope that every driver and owner can pay attention to vehicle safety and resolutely oppose the installation of a tanker on the car without permission. We can create a good transportation environment and contribute to economic and social development by ensuring vehicle safety and eliminating safety hazards.

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