Container gas station: difference from ordinary gas station

As the gas station’s name suggests, we think of traditional car gas stations, such as Sinopec, Shell, and other large gas stations.

So what is a container gas station?

The container gas station is a container refueling device that integrates a fuel dispenser, an isolation and explosion-proof double-layer oil storage tank, and an automatic fire extinguisher.

Because it looks like a large container, it can be hoisted and moved, and users can place it wherever needed at any time. Although it is simpler than a gas station, it has all the functions of a fixed gas station.

Safety is also guaranteed. There will be no explosion accidents in the event of open flames, static electricity, or accidental violent impacts.

It occupies a small area, unlike a gas station that requires a large space and is more flexible. Container gas stations placed inside small and medium-sized enterprises can save a large part of the company’s expenses and reduce the company’s operating costs.

What is the difference between traditional gas stations and container gas stations?

1. The appearance of container gas stations is different from traditional gas stations.

From the appearance, the container gas station looks like a container. It includes oil storage tanks, oil dispensers, oil unloading pumps, liquid level gauges, fire extinguishers, and various explosion-proof devices.

Container gas station is generally divided into two shapes: round tank-type refueling device and square container-type refueling device.

container gas stations1

2. The usage scenarios of container gas stations are different from traditional gas stations.

The container gas station is installed inside the enterprise and occupies a small area. It is generally used in logistics parks, airports, driving schools, ports,

passenger terminals, large construction sites, inside enterprises, and other places to refuel vehicles at any time.

Traditional gas stations must be set up on the side of the highway, where traffic is relatively convenient. The site should be wide, with easy access and management, and there should be no obstacles blocking the view on both sides to prevent traffic accidents.

The construction must comply with the requirements of urban planning, environmental protection, safety and fire prevention, and transportation convenience. Therefore, compared with container gas stations, there are more restrictions and a lot more money is invested.

3. Container gas stations save money for enterprises, while traditional gas stations are used for business operations.

Container gas stations are gas stations used internally by the company. It can realize the refueling of vehicles nearby, and at the same time control the source of oil products, and users can use oil at wholesale prices.

This saves the company’s oil costs to a great extent. For example, large trucks in the logistics park can be refueled directly at the container gas station in the park, saving the cost of refueling miles outside. Bluesky’s container gas station can add an office without building an additional office to achieve integrated management.

container gas stations2

Traditional gas stations mainly serve social vehicles and meet the refueling needs of everyone’s daily vehicles, thereby earning profits. Sometimes there is also a convenience store: selling small packages of lubricants, snacks, drinks, etc.

4. The difficulty of approval is different between container gas stations and traditional gas stations.

It is difficult to obtain approval for traditional gas stations. First of all, there must be a planned land for the station. Building design must consider factors such as vehicle density and safety, and there are quotas for gas stations in each city.

Only when you get the quota of land for building a website can you proceed with the subsequent procedures and approvals?

Container gas stations generally meet explosion-proof requirements. Because general container gas stations are not used to sell fuel, the regulatory requirements will be much simpler than ordinary gas stations.

5. Advantages of Bluesky Container Gas Station

Bluesky Container Gas Station has its management system. Users can view gas station data from the web, mobile phone, or computer. For example, transaction year, month, and day reports modify unit price, check liquid level, check site sales volume, etc.

container gas stations3

Our container gas stations can also be equipped with RFID systems. Users can assign RFID cards to drivers, and drivers can refuel themselves, eliminating the need for dedicated managers to be on site.

At the same time, all refueling records will be recorded in the system, and drivers and RFID cards correspond one-to-one, which is conducive to company management.

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