What is Container Petrol Station?

The container petrol station contains the main device

The container petrol station is a ground mobile refueling equipment combined with the collection of barrier explosion-proof fuel storage tanks, unloading fuel pumps, fuel filters, fuel dispensers, automatic fire extinguishing devices, emergency pressure relief devices, anti-overfilling fuel devices, high-temperature mechanical fuel cut-off protection valves, automated management systems and so on.

container petrol station

The advantage of Container Petrol Stations

As a new type of refueling equipment with unique advantages, it plays a vital role in the refined fuel marketing market competition.
The prospects are very broad, and it is very suitable for the mode of modern economic development.

Compared with traditional fuel stations, the overall construction of a container petrol station takes time (the whole equipment leaves the factory, modular design, ready-to-install, only 1-3 days) and less cost and the floor space is only less than 1/3 of traditional fuel stations, can move and relocate at any time.

mobile container petrol station

It is also a fuel product from regular channels, which is cheaper than ordinary fuel stations,

which greatly helps companies reduce fuel costs while shortening queuing and round-trip times and reducing empty driving costs. Therefore, more and more companies put it to use,

and users’ requirements for it are gradually increasing, making it more intelligent, such as real-time monitoring of refueling data,

high and low fuel level alarms in fuel tanks, GPRS positioning queries, selection of various intelligent payment methods,

the turnover settlement, profit report generation, etc.,

can all be realized in the Bluesky management system.

The Bluesky management system is independently developed by Bluesky,

has invention patents, has expandable functions,

can monitor multiple stations at the same time, set up sub-platforms, record query, report query, statistical query, remote recharge, discounts,

and can be viewed on the computer or mobile APP. It is convenient and fast and improves the dramatization, precision, and intelligent management of enterprises.

mobile App gas station

Container petrol station functions

1. Real-time monitoring of double-layer tank leakage, automatic leakage alarm, and automatic disconnection of the power supply of the equipment in use.
2. Real-time monitoring of combustible gas, automatic alarm when exceeding the standard, and automatic disconnection of the power supply of the equipment in use.
3. Compulsory monitoring of electrostatic grounding for unloading fuel, automatic alarm for poor contact, and automatic stop of the unloading fuel pump.
4. High liquid level monitoring, high liquid level automatic alarm, high liquid level automatically stops the unloading fuel pump.
5. Low liquid level monitoring, low liquid level automatic alarm, low liquid level automatically stops the fuel dispenser.
6. Real-time monitoring of tank temperature, high-temperature automatic alarm, and automatic start of spray cooling.
7. Connect to the automatic fire alarm system, and the fire alarm will be automatically activated in case of an emergency.
8. All security alarm information is transmitted to computers, mobile phones, monitoring platforms, and real-time monitoring through the management system.

gas station automatic management system

Bluesky management system

Through the Bluesky management system, the electrostatic grounding of the container station body, the leakage of the fuel tank body,

the leakage of combustible gas, the high temperature of the fuel tank,

and the monitoring of high and low liquid levels are connected.

If there is a safety hazard, an alarm will be issued,

and the explosion-proof camera will cooperate with other safety hazards.

The device is monitored in real-time through the screen,

and the background can be connected to the fire department,

making full use of modern information technology means such as big data and cloud platforms, and cooperating with the supervision department to standardize the safety of the company’s self-provided refueling stations,

which can be supervised in real-time.





If you want to know more container petrol station information, you can consult our official website www.blueskynewenergy.com or contact the relevant sales staff.
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