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Why choose to use mobile container fuel stations?

Convenience and flexibility: mobile container fuel stations book a more convenient and fast way to refuel, allowing us to complete the refueling task quickly.

It can be quickly implemented and used according to demand, which is not limited by geographical location. Meet the needs of any place and time.

Cost benefits: Compared with traditional gas stations, the cost of building and operating mobile container fuel stations is lower. For refueling needs that require temporary or specific occasions, mobile container fuel stations are the most economical benefits.

container fuel stations

Which groups are applicable?

Commercial enterprises: Logistics companies, team companies, construction sites, farm cars, etc. need to refuel at different locations. mobile container fuel stations can provide flexible refueling solutions and save time and cost.

What are the specific mobile container fuel stations?

Mobile container fuel stations is a groundable gas station that integrates oil storage tanks, gas machines, and alarm systems.

As a new type of gas station, mobile container fuel stations have gradually attracted people’s attention. It has the advantages of fast installation, land saving, and environmental protection without pollution.

Compared with the traditional fixed, covers a small area and a short installation cycle, which can greatly reduce construction and operating costs.

Bluesky container station

What are the advantages of the Bluesky container station?

1. Customized specifications and configuration
S/N Size Tank
Layer Chamber/oil type Thickness
1 20 FT 10000L~
φ2200*5500 single wall 1 Chamber 5mm
2 Chambers 5mm
φ2270*5570 double wall 1 Chamber 6mm+5mm
2 Chambers 6mm+5mm
2 40 FT 30000L~
φ2200*10000 single wall 1 Chamber 5mm
2 Chambers 5mm
φ2270*10000 double wall 1 Chamber 6mm+5mm
2 Chambers 6mm+5mm
2. Customized optional device:

— Canopy /Solar Panel

— Generator

— Office / Shop with Decoration

— Automation like Tank Gauging, Leaking detecting and alarm system Station Management, Mobile APP control system

— Lighting / LED / TV and other device

3. Safety:

–Safety protection facilities: including fire explosion-proof equipment, safety valves, emergency cutting devices, etc. to prevent accidents and take emergency measures in time.

–Leakage detection and prevention systems: including leakage sensors, oil leakage alarms, and other equipment to monitor whether there is fuel leakage, and warn and prevent it promptly.

–Fire protection equipment: including fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, etc., to prepare for emergency fire extinguishing.

–Electricity protection measures: The equipment may include grounding devices and can be installed with electrostatic eliminations to reduce the risk of static accumulation.

Bluesky skid-mounted intelligent control system

4. Bluesky skid-mounted intelligent control system

The skid-mounted intelligent control system, Real-time monitoring, and alarm: Intelligent monitoring systems can monitor the operation of the gas station in real time, including fuel stock and equipment status. Quickly identify and warn of possible abnormal conditions, such as leakage, overload, etc., to take time-sensitive measures.

Remote management and control: All functions of prying gas stations can be monitored and managed in different places. Such flexibility allows operators to respond to demand quickly, and even remotely adjust and control necessary.

Data recording and analysis: The intelligent monitoring system can record and analyze a large amount of data, including refueling, frequency, and equipment status.

Improvement of security: The intelligent monitoring system has improved the overall safety level of the gas station. It can timely discover potential security risks and encrypt and transmit data to prevent unauthorized access and operations.

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