Crystal Report Design and Printing

1. Crystal Report Requirements Application

During the application of management systems, whether it is a central management system or a station-level management system, management users need to print certain specific information as receipts through printer output to show to customers. This function mainly introduces how the communication box system can realize the printing requirements of customers.

2. Introduction to Crystal Report

To solve the printing needs of customers, the system will design a printing template for the system to call and print, and its printing template is designed with Crystal Reports.

Crystal Report Settings

The built-in report expert will guide you step by step in the process of generating reports and completing general report tasks. The report expert helps to express the actual meaning of data through formulas, cross tables, subreports, and conditional formatting, revealing important relationships that may be hidden. If text and numbers are not enough, use geographic maps and graphics to communicate information vividly. As shown in the figure above, the left interface is the data design interface. The system can set the data source by itself, most of which are based on the database. The middle main frame can be customized, and the designer can drag and drop each control to design the data source he needs.

3. Printing and use of reports

When the report design is completed, the user can selectively print the type of receipt he needs according to the set report, as shown in the figure below for the printing of a transaction record.

Crystal Reports Receipt

In the above receipt printing, the user can print the current site name, contact information, and site address. The main part is the display of the driver’s refueling data, such as the current refueling time, refueling unit price, energy type, refueling liters, etc. At the end, a QR code output display is added. Users can directly read the detailed data of the current transaction record by scanning the QR code.

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