Custom Tatsuno Type Fuel Dispenser And Mini Fuel Station

Bluesky Hot Sale Custom Tatsuno Type Fuel Dispenser And Mini Fuel Station.
Our company has a strong technical force. While pursuing technological progress, we also pay attention to quality management. We have established a complete quality management system and passed ISO quality system certification, CE certification, explosion-proof certification, etc. We provide customers with complete solutions.


366 mini fuel station

Feature of product

  1. Suitable for filling various fuels (including methanol gasoline, ethanol gasoline)
  2. Cheating functions that meet national standards and meet customer requirements
  3. Adapt to multiple complex working environments such as high temperature, low cold, humidity, and heat
  4. The core components are developed by themselves, with quality assurance
  5. Integrated data security and explosion-proof safety (explosion-proof mark: ExdibmbIIBT3 Gb explosion-proof certificate number: CE14.5013)

Fully meet the requirements of customers

  1. The configuration requirements of the single nozzle to multiple nozzles of the fuel dispenser, and all the nozzles can work at the same time
  2. Requirements for different flow rates of fuel dispensers
  3. Optional printer, multimedia, any color, and sticker
  4. Management system, as long as the app management system is installed on the smartphone, you can control the information of the gas station in an all-around way at any time and anywhere, so as to solve the management details. Realize remote monitoring site operation equipment, oil, and gas tank storage information, data query, etc. (Mobile APP supports Android/Apple system)

Mini fuel station customization

Bluesky hot sale mini fuel station has already sold many units to the Philippines, And customers have well received it and has been ordered repeatedly.

we provide customers 600L,1000L,1500L,2000L,3000L,4000L,1hose,2hoses,3hoses, you can select AC 220V, DC12V, DC24V. how does the machine work? for a 220v mini fuel station, you only need to connect the 220v power supply, if you choose 12v and 24v, you need to prepare the battery and need a battery to operate.

mini station equipment manufacturer

1. Solar-powered with manual Crank

Why do we need to install the solar panel on the Mini fuel station? Generally, the mini fuel station works with a 220V electricity supply, but as we all know, some countries, often lose electricity supply. So when we install the solar panel, it can provide power to our electronic controller, then we use the hand crank function to drive the pump, then the Mini fuel station can still work when you lose electricity supply.

2. GPRS data wireless remote transmission function

The data GPRS wireless remote transmission is a separate component connected to the main board through the RS485 interface.

catch. As long as the main board of the mini gas station has an RS485 communication port, the data can be transmitted to the server through GPRS, which is suitable for vehicle series mini gas stations.

Circuit composition: It comprises a GPRS wireless remote transmission mainboard and GPRS antenna, as shown in Figure 1. Note: When the GPRS wireless remote transmission mainboard is matched with the vehicle-mounted computer, the input power supply DC12 or DC24 power supply, the transformer in Figure 1 can be used.

GPRS data wireless remote transmission system Workflow: The GPRS wireless remote transmission mainboard communicates with the gas dispenser mainboard via the RS485 interface.

After acquiring the motherboard data, it is wirelessly transmitted to the server.

3. APP management system

Main functions of the management system: Tank configuration, User manager, Station monitor, Map, Query record, Query summary, Bill check

Bluesky gas station system

4. Tank gauging System

Many customers want to check the remaining oil in the tank in real-time, so the Tank gauging System is very necessary. This device is cheap, safe, and accurate.

gauge system

5. Any logo and color for the mini fuel station

Customers only need to provide our logo, and their favorite colors, and we can quickly provide customers with design drawings

Our wish is to make Happy Bluesky the preferred service provider for overall solutions for small and medium-sized energy companies around the world. If you want to know more about our products and order our products, please visit our Alibaba store


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