Detonating the new energy industry in China’s microgrid

What is a Microgrid?

Where is the new species of microgrid?

On June 17, 2023, an exchange seminar on “microgrid” detonated the new energy industry.

600 representatives from industry associations, scientific research institutes, energy companies,

and manufacturing companies participated in the conference offline, and the number of people watching the simultaneous online live broadcast exceeded 3.4 million.

So what exactly is a microgrid?

A microgrid is an autonomous system that highly integrates power supply, load, and energy storage.

It can operate in parallel with the grid or independently. It can achieve a local balance of renewable energy load fluctuations.

It’s a major innovation in the flexible and efficient utilization of distributed energy.

There are two modes of microgrid, one is grid-connected and the other is off-grid, both of which require highly reliable energy storage technology.

Microgrid integrates photovoltaics, charging, discharging, energy storage, wind power, etc. in scenarios such as parks and charging stations.

With the support of the large power grid, it becomes a small AC and DC power generation system,

which can realize on-site consumption, on-site storage, and on-site balancing of new energy power generation,

charge with light and wind, and realize new energy vehicle charging.

Electricity realizes efficient interaction of active power distribution and is the new carrier of a new power system.

What are the advantages of microgrids?

A microgrid is a small power generation and consumption system that is different from a large power grid. It can operate independently or cooperate with the public power grid.

Advantages of microgrids1

At present, a large part of the power in the public grid still comes from fossil fuels or nuclear power generation.

On the contrary, micro-grids use more photovoltaic and wind power to supply power for parks, new energy vehicles, and energy storage.

Advantages of microgrids2

Multiple operating modes:

When the power generation and power consumption in the system are self-balancing, the microgrid is disconnected from the public grid, that is, in off-grid mode.

When the power grid is in short supply, the system is interconnected with the grid for power exchange, which is the so-called grid-connected mode.

Multiple operating modes

The excess electricity generated in the small power generation system can be stored for later use through energy storage devices,

and can also return power to the grid when the grid needs it.

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