Different types of hydrogen stations

As a new type of clean energy, hydrogen refueling stations play an important role in modern development and bring future green development one step closer.

hydrogenation machine

1. What is a hydrogen station?

A hydrogen station is a facility that supplies hydrogen fuel to FCEVs. It is the same as a gasoline filling station, except that the medium is different, one is hydrogen and the other is gasoline or diesel.

hydrogen station

2. How does the hydrogen station work?

When a vehicle needs to be hydrogenated, the vehicle stops at the hydrogenation position, and the gaseous or liquid hydrogen is added to the vehicle storage tank through the hydrogenation machine. The process is the same as adding gasoline or diesel vehicles.

3. Comparison of hydrogen station types and advantages and disadvantages?

Type Compressed hydrogen station Liquid hydrogen station Hydrogen production station Portable Hydrogen Charging Station
Advantage Fast charging, suitable for use in existing car refueling station infrastructure High storage density, storing more hydrogen in a smaller space Used together with renewable energy (solar or wind) Provide hydrogenation services in temporary or remote areas to meet special needs
Shortcoming Construction costs are high and regular maintenance is required The refrigeration and liquefaction processes of liquid hydrogen require additional energy and higher construction costs Construction and operating costs may be higher for sites using advanced hydrogen production technology Small storage capacity and slow hydrogen charging speed

Different types of hydrogen refueling stations have their benefits, and the choice depends on factors such as geographic location, user needs, available technology, and resources.

H2 station

4. Basic questions and answers about the hydrogen station

Q: Are there any hydrogen stations currently available for consumers to use?

A: There are, relatively few compared to normal gas stations, but global efforts are underway to expand the infrastructure rapidly.

Q: How much does it cost to build a hydrogen station?

A: Costs vary based on factors such as location, capacity, technology used, etc. Prices also vary.

Q: Can existing gas stations be converted into hydrogen stations?

A: Converting an existing gas station into a hydrogen station requires significant modifications due to the unique requirements of handling hydrogen fuel.


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