Do you know the real gas station?

Do you know that the familiar gas station we drive by or stop at every day has a set of rigorous and rich construction rules behind it? These rules are like an unopened storybook, which contains chapters on safety assurance, green environmental protection concepts, and little-known design details.

fuel gas station

When you drive through a busy intersection, have you ever wondered how that convenient and fast gas station was chosen? You can’t just find an open space to build it. First of all, you have to keep a safe distance from where people gather. After all, fuel is flammable and explosive. In addition, it is usually located next to a major traffic road, so that everyone can replenish energy at any time. If you can’t find a gas station on a remote road for a long time, it will affect your travel experience!

Let’s first understand the design of the gas station. There is a lot of knowledge here. From the architectural style to the internal structure, every detail is to ensure safety to the greatest extent, while also providing everyone with a comfortable and convenient service experience. For example, the gas pump not only needs to be durable, but also needs to accurately measure every drop of oil, and those oil storage tanks hidden underground are like tight safes to avoid any safety hazards

There has also been great progress in environmental protection. Before, gas stations had serious oil and gas spills when refueling. Now there are oil and gas recovery devices to avoid leakage into the air, causing air pollution, which brings problems to environmental governance.

fuel gas stations

The most important thing is our safety protection issue – fire protection facilities. Fire extinguishers, warning signs. China’s management was chaotic before, but now there will be no more loopholes. Every gas station must have appropriate fire-fighting tools and highly professional gas station staff.

Finally, service. A good gas station is not just about selling gasoline. They can also provide a variety of services, from simple convenience store shopping to professional vehicle maintenance consultation, etc.

When we drive into a gas station, we might as well pay more attention to these behind-the-scenes stories. We think it is an inconspicuous convenience, but it is the ingenious idea of the planner. Gas stations are not only charging stations for cars but also the energy source of our entire city.

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