Electric Vehicle Charging Physical Examination

With the continuous expansion of the scale of electric vehicle charging facilities, is the electric vehicle charging physical examination?

At present, nearly 3,500 public charging piles have been opened in the urban area. The charging pile involves the amount of electric energy and the settlement of electricity bills,

and the accuracy of its value is directly related to the vital interests of consumers.

At the end of last year, Wuxi became the first city in the country to connect the measurement and verification of electric vehicle charging piles with the application scenarios of Huimin and convenience data. Is it convenient to use public charging piles in Wuxi? Is the charge metering accurate?

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Let’s take a look at the Electric Vehicle Charging Physical Examination.

(1) Recently, the Wuxi Inspection, Testing, and Certification Research Institute has verified the actual use of some charging piles. At about 9:00 a.m.,

the inspectors came to the Xingxing charging car charging station near Jincheng Bay on Gonghu Avenue.

At this time, they opened the Lingxi APP and entered “Lingxi Quick Charge”,

which showed that there are more than 10 charging stations nearby to choose from.

Each station is marked with the charging fee, the number of vacant piles, and the customer service number.

Then click “Electric Pile Measurement”, and the model, operator, verification date,

and verification results of the charging pile at the site are all clear at a glance.

(2) On-site inspector Lin Hu introduced while testing that the age and usage of the charging piles will cause errors in the charging capacity.

The display value and the actual measured value of the power output will be displayed on the verification device.

The positive and negative difference between the two data is normal within the range of 2%. For example, when charging for three degrees,

the error range of plus or minus 2% is 2.94-3.06 Between, less than 2.94, or more than 3.06,

which are judged as unqualified measurements.

(3) After the verification, a verification certificate will be issued to the charging piles that have passed the verification,

and the green verification mark will be posted in a prominent position; the unqualified ones will be pasted with a red mark. On that day, all the charging piles tested on-site were qualified.

(4) On the same day, the verification personnel also randomly inspected several charging stations such as the electric vehicle charging station in Xinwu Wanda Plaza,

and the verification results were all qualified.

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  • According to reports, the pass rate of nearly 3,500 electric vehicle charging piles in Wuxi last year was 99.55%. The Municipal Market Supervision Bureau will also promote the establishment of verification standards in Jiangyin and Yixing, so as to realize the full coverage of the mandatory metrological verification of electric vehicle charging piles in the city.
  • On May 22, General Motors of the United States submitted a patent application on a double charging outlet setup. The system consists of two charging ports and adopts two modes of series/parallel, which can charge the double-layer battery and will be applied to the GM Ultium in the future. in the battery system.
  • It is reported that this charging system has two charging ports. One of the charging connectors will be equipped with 800V or 400V, and the other port will use 400V voltage. The bars charge two layers of batteries in succession, or in parallel to charge two layers of batteries at the same time. There is also another option to isolate the two layers of batteries and charge only one battery at a time, or the first port to charge the battery and the second port to charge the vehicle accessories.
  • HUMMER EV has already used this technology. In the future, the pure electric version of Silverado and the pure electric version of SIERRA will also adopt the layout of double-layer batteries. Official release in 2023.
  • If the patented technology can be implemented as soon as possible, it is expected to greatly increase the charging speed of vehicles, which may improve GM’s position in the field of new energy vehicles, and will further attract audiences and expand market share.

What do you think of the electric vehicle charging physical examination?


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