10 FAQs for EV Charger (BlueSky)

I trust that most of our customers may have many questions about BLUESKY EV Charger. So I’ve put together the BlueSky 10 FAQs for EV Charger to answer your questions.

☆Question 1: How long is your lead time for the EV charging pile?

Answer 1: If for AC EV Charger is within 1000 units, it’s about 10-15 days after we receive the deposit; if for DC EV Charger is within 100 units, it’s about 25-30 days.

EV charger

Question 2: What’s the difference between commercial-type EV charging equipment and home-using type EV charging equipment?

Answer 2: Commercial type is configured with OCPP1.6Json,

it allows you to connect to the network to check the charging data via our platform/management system and online card information, etc.

Bluesky EV charging cloud platform

Question 3: What is OCPP?

Answer 3: OCPP is abbreviated for Open Charging Point Protocol,

it is a kind of protocol that allows the vehicle-charging machines to communicate.

You can connect to our management system on PC via it, and then manage the EV charger and online cards. Also, you could position the EV charger on our CMS. By the way,

do you have your own management system/APP? If so, we could connect our EV charger to your system.

Question 4:  Are your products can be connected to the customer’s own Applications?

Answer 4:

How to connect our EV charger to your server/APP:

is your server/APP based on ocpp1.6?

if yes, then please provide the parameters

  1. port
  2. path
  3. IP address/domain name
  4. ID number of EV charger

something like this below:


and if it is encrypted, then also needs:

  1. platform’s URL
  2. platform account & password
  3. method to remote start the charger via your platform

please turn to your developer about these parameters, we need these to connect your server/application to our EV charger.

if not based on OCPP1.6, we could NOT connect your APP.

However, our engineer is too busy, we need to schedule testing. too many customers ask for testing the platform, but you could provide the parameters above FIRST! Hope you could understand.

EV charger APP

☆Question 5:With the RFID function, how’s your payment procedure works?

Answer 5:

There are two kinds of cards, one is an offline card without a payment function, just a swipe card as a key to start/stop the EV Charger to operate. Another card is an online card/member card/white card/,

we can deposit money inside your back office via CMS, the customer holds the card to charge his car, and the amount will be reduced on the card.

Question 6: Can I create extra RFID cards by ourselves?

Answer 6:

A: Yes, just assure the card is conform to the following parameters:

ISO standard: 85.5*54mm

Working frequency: 13.56MHz/125KHz

Executive standard: ISO14443A

RFID card EV charger

Question 7: Can I be your exclusive distributor?

Answer 7: if you would like to be our distributor, you need to provide the information below for us to evaluate.

1. company profile

2. company certification

3. business plan of BLUESKY EV charger

4. there are conditions to be our distributor. First, there needs to be USD 500,000 GMV(gross merchandise volume) yearly. Second, you need to provide us with a plan and summary monthly.

5. 30% deposit(150000) needs to be sent to us first when your turnover reaches USD100,000, we will return the deposit to you

6. How many pieces would you like to start with your business? and what would you like to get from us?

cooperate with each other

Question 8: How long the Electric Vehicle can be loaded/charged fully?

Answer 8: It is impacted by many factors, including battery capacity and output power of the EV Charging Station. For an AC EV charger, it takes about 7 hours to charge fully.

For a 60kw dc charger, it takes about 40 mins to charge fully, and then recharge the rest of 20%, the charging speed will be slower to protect the battery in the vehicle.

Actually, it is determined by the battery capacity of the car. Taking a 60kw dc fast charger, for example, if the battery capacity of the vehicle is 40kwh, there is a formula to calculate charging time, 40kwh/60kw=40mins.

The battery capacity of the car varies from 40-70 kWh, different cars have different capacities. Plus, we usually leave 20% of the battery capacity to keep the battery safe and sustainable.

Question 9: what brand name of cars can be recharged?

Answer 9: No matter what brand name, it depends on the connectors of your electric cars. For instance, there are American standards, European standards, Chinese standards, and Japanese standards. EVs from different countries use different standards of connectors even if they are in the same brand name.

Question 10: If get EVSE charging pile with 2 plugs, can it recharge 2 cars simultaneously?

Answer 10: yes, for example, if you get a 120kw DC charger with 2 plugs,

each plug’s output power will be 60kw when 2 cars are recharged at the same time, namely, the power will distribute automatically. and if just one car is recharged,

the power is not just 60kw, it can reach a maximum of 120kw output.

DC EV charger

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