Are EV Charger in Gas Stations Safe?

Gas stations can’t make phone calls, gas stations can’t slap synthetic clothing, gas stations can’t have flames… These safety tips are all very clear to car owners. However, car owners must have seen a lot of “indecent” in the Gas stations in China recently. Yes, many of our gas stations can not only refuel but also hydrogen, recharge, etc. Some friends may have doubts, gas stations are flammable and explosive dangerous business places. Is EV Charger in Gas stations safe to charge?

gas station EV charger

☆Not all gas stations can build EV Charger

1. Not every gas station has the conditions to install E-mobility charging points. There are very strict requirements for gas stations to build charging piles.

2. The relevant person in charge of Petro China  Sales Company said, “Not only must the local development and reform committee work with the natural resources and commerce departments to plan and submit for approval, but after obtaining approval, it must be strictly implemented in accordance with the latest

“Technical Standards for Refueling and Hydrogen Refueling Stations for Vehicles”

“Requirements for Car Charging Specifications”

stipulates construction and construction to ensure that the waterproof and dustproof level reaches the specified level.

Set up car blocks or anti-collision columns on the charging pile and the car passage in the station or on the adjacent side to ensure that the alarm monitoring system remains stable and effective.

After the project is completed It also needs to undergo strict acceptance and approval by many departments such as the Development and Reform Commission, and all inspections are qualified before it can be put into operation.”

Bluesky DC EV charger

3. “In order to fully consider safety issues, the construction site selection of EVSE charging station is extremely strict, not only must there be a sufficient safety distance from the refueling area, but also sufficient parking space should be reserved.

After all, the charging speed of electric vehicles is relatively slow, so It can not only reduce the risk of collision in the venue but also reserve enough space for electric vehicle owners to better enhance the customer experience.” In daily management, we have a series of maintenance measures.

such as sufficient fire extinguishers around the EV Charger, fire blankets, and other fire-fighting equipment, which are regularly inspected by fuel crews to ensure that they are always available.

4. In fact, of course, it is much more than that. There are oil storage tanks for refueling, and there are Electric Car Chargers for charging. The charger has strict requirements on the humidity and temperature of the storage and uses environment.

At the same time, the storage place should also be free of corrosive and explosive gases, and should not be exposed to rain, sun, condensation, and frost during storage.

EV charging station

☆Is it safe to live near a gas station?

1. In addition to this problem, there are some people who believe that it is extremely unsafe if there is a gas station near their residence. It’s actually not as dangerous as everyone thinks. There are also strict rules for safe distances between petrol stations and residential dwellings.

According to the national “Code for Design and Construction of Automobile Refueling Stations”, the protection categories of surrounding civil buildings should be fully considered when selecting the location of gas stations. Such first-class civil building protections include prefecture-level and above party and government office buildings; subway entrances and exits, tunnel entrances and exits, etc.

gas EV station

2. Gas stations are also divided into three levels according to different volumes. The first-level station is the largest in scale and has the highest safety requirements. According to the level of the gas station built, the national standard specifies the safety distance from various civil building protections in detail.

3. To put it simply, the grade of gas stations is divided according to the volume of the gas station’s oil tank and the volume of a single tank, while the building protection is divided by the size of the number of people in the protection.

Taking the third-level gas station with oil discharge and refueling oil and gas recovery system as an example, the buried oil tank in the station should be 11 meters away from the first-class protection, 8.5 meters for the second-class protection, and 7 meters for the third-class protection.

So you don’t have to worry too much. Wouldn’t it be more convenient to have a gas station with an EV charger near your home?


bluesky EV charger

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