EV Charging Platform Helps You Analyze Price Trends

This is our EV charging platform of Bluesky Energy. (You can use it for free)
We will install an OCPP module inside each EV charger.
OCPP1.6 is the communication protocol between the EV chargers we produced and our EV charging platform.
Through our OCPP 1.6, you can use our EV charging platform to uniformly manage the EV chargers you ordered from us.
We will give you an account and password to log in to our cloud management platform. (www.cnevcharger.cn

Bluesky EV charging cloud platform

Bluesky ev charging platform

Our EV charging platform has many practical functions.
In this article, I will focus on how to make pricing and business operation strategies through our platform data analysis.

1. Analysis—summary-curve(Price)

EV charging platform Analysis

A summary is divided into a curve, current, child, overall, and agreement.

From the curve, we can know the change in power consumption and income of the EV chargers in operation.

This will be very conducive to the EV charger operators to adjust their business strategies.

For example, when we see the decline of the kWh curve, we can infer whether there are not many charging guests in this place or the charging price is too high, resulting in less guest traffic.

On the contrary, if the kWh curve rises, we can judge that there is a large number of guests in this place, and the price is generally accepted.

So what is the role of the income curve?

For example, the kWh curve rises greatly, but the income curve rises slowly, so it’s time to raise prices.

In another case, the kWh curve rises slowly, but the income curve rises faster. Maybe the price is too high. It’s time to reduce the price.

2. Analysis—summary- Pie chart(Payment method)

A pie chart plays a different role than a curve chart

EV charging platform Payment method

From this pie chart, we can know which payment method customers prefer to use.

The payment method will affect the satisfaction of guests with the use of EV chargers to a certain extent.

If customers prefer a certain payment method, operators can increase cooperation with the platform of the payment method (For example, customers generally prefer to pay with the credit card of bank A rather than bank B. Then operators can invest more in the cooperation with bank a and reduce the cooperation with bank B.)

The same is true for the membership pie chart.

EV charging platform Pie chart

Let ordinary guests become member guests in order to maintain better customer stickiness.

Therefore, we can make a correct judgment on the threshold of becoming a member and the policy formulation of member treatment based on the current comparison of the number of the two parts.

When a guest becomes a member, it means that the customer completely becomes the customer of the operator, not a customer of a bank or a third-party payment platform.

In other words, the profits obtained do not need to be shared with banks or third-party payment platforms.

3. Analysis—charge point statistics (market)

EV charger systemFrom charge point statistics, we can know the specific data generated during the operation of the charging point. (Use Count, Use Time, Meter, Amount)

This will be very conducive to the EV charger operators to analyze market conditions.

(1) Use Count:

Also called usage times. By observing the number of times of use and comparing the times of use of each charging pile, we can roughly estimate the use efficiency of different charging piles and the use frequency of customers in combination with the passenger flow at the location.

(2) Use Time:

The performance of different charging piles can also be judged by observing the different service times of each charging pile. More importantly, we can also roughly estimate the battery capacity of electric vehicles in different locations.

For example, charging piles A and B with the same power at different positions. The charging time of charging pile A is longer than that of charging pile B. It can be roughly judged that the customers at the location of charging pile A prefer electric vehicles with small battery capacity.

Last but not least, Bluesky’s data analysis service is free and perfect.

We have professional technicians to maintain the daily operation of the platform.

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