EV Charging Station Especially for Uzbekistan Market

With the Uzbekistan government’s strong support for EV charging piles, an increasing amount of EV charging pile infrastructure has been constructed. Moreover, Uzbekistan imported increasingly more electric vehicles from China. BLKUESKY has exported more than 150+pcs DC Fast Charging Stations and 200+pcs AC Home Charging Piles. Currently, demand is sharply increasing. Moreover, it is also very convenient to ship EV charging stations from Horgos to Uzbekistan by large flatbed trucks, and the shipping time is also very short, usually requiring approximately 15-20 days for Tashkent.

EV charging stations from Horgos to Uzbekistan

For the Uzbekistan EV Charging Station, we currently obtain some information from our customers in Uzbekistan. There are several special requirements for EV charging stations in the Uzbekistan market.

1. GBT plug

In Uzbekistan, almost all Uzbekistan EV charging stations are configured with GBT connectors because, as mentioned above, most EVs are imported from China, where all the electric cars are configured with a Chinese standard socket. This is also the result of the short distance between Uzbekistan and China.

GBT plug

2. Ability to work 24 hours a day (high endurance)

The BLUESKY Uzbekistan EV Charging Station is configured with fans that function as ventilation. This way, the machine will work day and night without problems.

3. Built-in 3G, 4G, 5G Internet modem

The BLUESKY Uzbekistan EV Charging Station can be configured with LAN, 4G, and WIFI to allow the machine to connect to the OCPP platform. Our 4G modem is sourced from a famous brand supplier, and it always works well. With the 4G function, the customer just needs to insert a SIM card into the card slot.

4. Vandal-proof screen (display) protection system

For the 7-inch touch screen of the Uzbekistan DC EV Charging Station, we usually have an RFID&APP&password for authentication. If a customer would like to have some physical cover or something to function as a protection device, we are glad to tell you that you have found your Mr. Right. BLUESKY is good at providing OEM&ODM; if there is something you would like to customize, just let us know! We will do whatever you want.

5. Ability to work in extreme heat and cold

The BLUESKY Uzbekistan EV Charging Station is configured with a “heater” that can warm the body of the EV charging pile while working. In a normal situation, the EV Charger can usually operate in a -25 to 50°C environment; if it is configured with a heater, then it can work even at -40°C, such as in freezing weather in winter. BLUESKY will configure the heater for connectors and the body of the EV charging pile.

Ability to work in extreme heat and cold

6. Built-in camera with motion sensor (turning on the camera when motion is detected)

BLUESKY has customized AC EV chargers with built-in cameras for our customers in Hong Kong, China, to catch the license plate in the parking lot. If a customer would like this function to catch the motion of people when someone is detected, we can also do so.

turning on the camera when motion is detected

7. Cable management

The BLUESKY Uzbekistan EV Charging Station can be configured with a cable winder to allow cables to hang on top of the station to avoid damage to both the cables and vehicles. If the cable is dragged on the ground, it is dangerous for the cable to be pressed by heavy vehicles, resulting in dangerous electricity leakage. With a cable winder, EV charging piles are attractive and tidy.

  • To ship the products, the BLUESKY pack Uzbekistan EV Charger has a steam-free fumigation wooden box, which is very robust for shipping, and during shipment, there may be rain and snow. This kind of wooden box can withstand rain and snow, ensuring that the EV charging station has an intact body for our customers in Uzbekistan. The picture below shows the perfect appearance of almost the same wooden package as the EV Charging Station that is ready to ship.

BLUESKY pack Uzbekistan EV Charger with steam-free fumigation wooden box

  • For after-sales services, the BLUESKY after-sales team will travel to Uzbekistan/Tajikistan every year, and we will visit the site to check all software and hardware problems. Our engineers are very professional and patient; they will solve all customers for all OCPP or platform issues. On the customer’s site, we usually will stay there for approximately 10-15 days, including some exhibitions. Once a customer needs us, we will go to the site to assist the customer.
We BLUESKY always provide timely assistance for our customers all around the world;

if customers need our assistance, we will consider flying to them and providing training in EV charging stations for them face to face with training material.

  •  Overall, OEM&ODM is BLUESKY’s greatest advantage since we have an R&D team with 30+ people. We can provide branding customization, design customization, and function customization to our customers. We also devoted ourselves to delving into the most required functions of EV charging stations for different markets to make products that suit local citizens’ requirements.
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