EV Supercharger Station in China

Recently, the construction of the EV supercharger hem in Tianjin’s high-speed service area has been completed and entered the test stage.
This is the first EV supercharger station invested in by China State Grid and established in Tianjin.

bluesky fast charger station

EV supercharger Technology

EV supercharger Technology is a Complete Set of DC Charging System solutions for Electric Vehicles.

Has in Terms of Power, Structure, Safety, and Compositionality.

“This charging pile has built a set of 480kw charging machines,

including 7 national standards (GB/T)charging piles and 1 double gun charging pile with a national standard interface and EV supercharger interface.

It can serve a variety of vehicles and realize dynamic power distribution of charging piles,

providing fast charging service for vehicles with Supercharging interface. “Owners of new energy vehicles can quickly recharge on the highway.”

Wuqing power supply company charging facilities construction Zhang Haining special introduction.

EV supercharger interface adopts the common international type,

with the highest voltage of up to 1500 volts, the highest current of 600 A,

and charging power of up to 900 kW. The charging time is more than 70% less than that of ordinary charging piles.

EV Supercharger station

Related Information

In addition to meeting the demand for fast charging,

the charging pile is also equipped with human-computer interaction, environmental monitoring,

dynamic information linkage, and other systems to achieve remote charging service interaction and weather information forecast.

Customers can know the real-time situation of vehicles and adjacent charging piles through the big screen and make travel planning in advance.

Before the project’s construction, State Grid will organize the local units to carry out a construction implementation plan review,

and timely follow up on the project progress after the start of construction. State Grid Tianjin Electric Power Company actively docking with the highway management department to coordinate the site issues.

Also, the construction side carries out regular safety production symposia,

and inverted schedules, to ensure the project construction safety and order.

The charging pile has been connected to the smart vehicle network platform of the State Grid. Owners of new energy vehicles can check the running condition, charging price,

and location information of the charging piles in the station through the “e-charging” APP or the “online State Grid” APP.

Bluesky EV charger station

Up to now, State Grid Tianjin Electric Power has built 84 charging piles in Wuqing District,

with the accumulative charging times exceeding 1 million and charging time exceeding 2 million hours.

Charging facilities will also be planned and built in key business areas and residential communities.

Special measures and comprehensive charging demonstration stations will be promoted to provide more choices for residents to travel green.

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