Evse Level 2 AC charger wallbox Chinese manufacturer

1.☆What is Evse Level 2 charger?

  • About the Level of EVSE EV charging station, it can be divided into 3 types of levels based on voltage. Level 1: 120V, usually for type1 AC charger for the North American market;
  • Level 2: 240V/380V, this is the most common input/output voltage for AC wall box charger; Level 3: 200-1000V, this is the output voltage of DC fast charger.

2.☆Could I use Evse Level 2 charger at home?

In a residential area, usually, the voltage is 240V, so you can use a level 2 home-use wallbox in your house.

BLUESKY’s new unique model AC home wallbox charger comes out. This model is designed by our own 15+ staff technical team. You can see this model looks not like a charging station, it is really brilliant.

During the Canton Fair exhibition, we take this model for showing, and most of our customer’s inquiries about this CDZ-O model,

they commented that this model looks like a mirror, which is the most beautiful design of the manufacturer in Canton Fair, and they never saw such a brilliant appearance from other suppliers.

For this model, if you get one which without OCPP1.6Json, then this is suitable for home use. Plus, if you get one which with OCPP1.6Json(Ethernet/wifi/4G), t

hen you could also use it for commercial use, like parking lots, fleets, garages, shopping malls, public areas, etc.

CDZ-O mode

3.☆Whats the detailed specification of the Evse Level 2 AC wall box charger?

  • Wireless Bluetooth DLB with CT clamp(dynamic load balance)
  • RFID card authentication method
  • Both home use and commercial use scenarios
  • Support IEC62196-2(type1/type2)/GBT connector standards
  • APP and “wow-charge/wow-charger” Bluetooth application control
  • CE, ROHS, FCC certification
  • OCPP fully complied(we are a member of OCA)
  • Product Dimension(W*H*D): 400*400*120mm
  • Package Dimension(W*H*D): 600*600*180mm
  • Weight: 15kg(net)/18kg(gross)

4.☆Could I remote control the Evse Level 2 AC wall box charger?

For sure you could remote control the AC EVSE Level 2 charger by “wowcharge or wowcharger” mobile application both in your IOS APP store or Android Google Play.

With this application, you could remotely control the wall box charger via Bluetooth, and the distance needs to be less than 10 meters.

And there is also another method, you can also get the AC wall box charger with ethernet/wifi/cellular, in this way,

you could remote control the EVSE level 2 charger even though you are outside your house. And one more thing, we BLUESKY also developed a new function, that is,

you can connect the WIFI via BLUETOOTH on your phone instead of connecting the 485 tools on your laptop. This function is more convenient than the old mode.

We BLUESKY heard the voice and comments of our customers and then optimized all functions all the time.

For sure we will keep optimizing both the software and hardware of the EV charging pile to reach our customer’s expectations and make the charging process becoming easier and more comfortable.

We keep absorbing better points from other good suppliers all the time. It complies with BLUESKY’s mission:

May happiness BLUESKY become the preferred service provider for small and medium energy companies around the world.



5.☆How does Evse Level 2 work?

This model can be authenticated by APP(wow-charge/wow-charger) or an RFID card(ISO/IEC 14443).

you can hold a card which will be provided by BLUESKY manufacturer to start it. When it is powered on, then the color of the round light band will be blue;

During charging, the round light band will turn green; Once something wrong happened, then it will turn red.

Maybe some customers would like to have a display screen of this EVSE level 2 charger, we’re glad to tell you that if you would like to configure it with a 2.4-inch screen, we could do it for you.

If you would like to install this model for commercial use, before getting this model from us, you could test the OCPP command with us first,

we could schedule testing which can be tested by our engineer and test each command one by one for you. After testing, you could decide whether you would like to get a charger from us or not.

Most of the customers had OCPP testing with us and got good results from testing. For now, our platform is becoming more and more mature, and OCPP command also becoming more and more complete.

CDZ-O AC charger

  • We have our own software and hardware engineering team, and we could solve all the problems from our customer’s feedback.

For example, we manufacture PCB boards by ourselves, and with this core technology, our price will be more competitive with other suppliers.

  • If you have any other more unique EVSE level 2 wall box charger, we could discuss it, and lead the Charging station to a better way.

bluesky EV charger


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