Explosion-proof Equipment in Fuel Dispensers

Explosion-proof Equipment in Fuel Dispensers, A fuel dispenser is a conveying device used to add gasoline, diesel, and other liquid fuels to vehicles and mobile tank containers and measure them.

As gasoline, diesel, and other fuels are volatile at room temperature and can form explosive gas mixtures with air, fuel tankers, as the release source of such explosive gas mixtures,

may become ignition sources at the same time under normal operation and fault conditions. Therefore, fuel dispensers should have an overall explosion-proof function.

As overall explosion-proof equipment, all electrical and mechanical components, wiring, and interconnections related to explosion-proof performance must meet explosion-proof requirements.

Fuel dispenser explosion-proof equipment:

It mainly includes intrinsically safe equipment, intrinsically safe related equipment, flameproof electrical equipment, potted electrical equipment, and increased safety electrical equipment.

As an explosion-proof system, it should be considered that the relevant explosion-proof electrical equipment, mechanical equipment, wiring,

and their interconnections meet the comprehensive explosion-proof performance and ensure the overall safety of the fuel dispenser.

Explosion-proof box

Fuel dispensers involve multiple explosion-proof devices, among which the designs of explosion-proof motors, explosion-proof boxes, explosion-proof sensors, and explosion-proof solenoid valves are relatively common.


How to meet explosion-proof requirements for fuel dispensers:

The power supply and control part of the fuel dispenser generally use AC380V or AC22V power supply,

after transformer step-down, rectification, filtering, and current limiting,

and voltage limiting protection circuit, it becomes a low-voltage DC power supply for all parts of the fuel dispenser.

The design of the transformer must comply with the relevant regulations, and the input winding of the transformer is protected by a fuse or a circuit breaker;

The main part of the fuel dispenser is isolated from the computer part, the upper part of the computer part is treated as a safe environment,

and the part of the computer box is a non-explosion-proof part, and the relevant circuit part is mainly considered in the design.

The upper part of the main body of the fuel dispenser is a safe area, so non-explosion-proof electrical equipment can be placed in the safe area,

such as the power supply, control boards, and lighting fixtures.

Explosion-proof equipment such as explosion-proof motors, explosion-proof solenoid valves, explosion-proof sensors,

and oil gun switches are placed in the hazardous area at the lower part of the dispenser main body.

explosion-proof sensors

The key to the explosion-proof system design of this type of fuel dispenser is to ensure the isolation space between the computer part and the main part to form a ventilation channel.

The sealing ring entering the device must be able to withstand the aging test specified in the relevant provisions;

The cables leading in and out of the explosion-proof equipment should use solid-core cables,

and the outer diameter of the cable should match the inner diameter of the sealing ring to ensure its compression and sealing.

The end must be strictly sealed, and the lead-out device without wiring is sealed with a blocking rod and a rubber ring;

After the cable is installed in the conduit, the sealing accessories should be filled with fillers. After the filler is solidified, it is impermeable and does not shrink.

The thickness of the filler of the sealing accessories should be at least equal to the inner diameter of the conduit;

The oil delivery hose of the fuel dispenser is an anti-static oil delivery hose;

Keep the oil circuit system well-conducted and prevent static electricity accumulation;

The oil circuit of the fuel dispenser is well sealed and there should be no leakage;

The oil gun and oil gun seat of the fuel dispenser are made of aluminum alloy,

which does not produce mechanical collision sparks;

The grounding of each electrical equipment of the fuel dispenser and the general grounding is firm and reliable;
The explosion-proof signs and nameplates of each explosion-proof equipment meet the design requirements;
The exhaust pipe of the oil-air separator of the fuel dispenser exhausts to the outside of the casing;

There are shutter windows on the left and right bottom of the casing to reduce the possibility of oil and gas accumulation in the machine;

For explosion-proof equipment (such as explosion-proof motors, explosion-proof junction boxes,

explosion-proof communication boxes, etc.), anti-rust measures must be taken,

and the fastening screws of all shells must be tightened;

When you need to open the box cover for maintenance, be sure to disconnect its front-end power supply first.

The importance of explosion-proof equipment in fuel dispensers:

As a whole explosion-proof system, the fuel dispenser cannot just meet the explosion-proof license for certain explosion-proof components.

Such as intrinsically safe equipment, explosion-proof boxes, explosion-proof motors, explosion-proof solenoid valves, etc.,

and assemble them arbitrarily into a fuel dispenser.

Ignoring the performance of the explosion-proof system of the whole machine,

which obviously does not reach the overall safety of the explosion-proof equipment.

Such fuel dispensers often leave hidden dangers of accidents.

A comprehensive explosion-proof consideration must be given to all electrical and mechanical components,

wiring, and their interconnections related to explosion-proof performance,

and the explosion-proof certificate of the whole machine must be obtained before it can be used as explosion-proof equipment.


In order to solve the safety problem of gas stations and prevent explosion accidents caused by fuel dispensers,

Bluesky fuel dispenser equipment explosion-proof technology complies with international standards,

creating a good environment for fuel dispensers to enter the international market and improving product safety performance, reliability,

and market competitiveness, welcome to buy our products.

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