Coriolis Flow Transmitters F231

The F231 flow transmitter and flow sensor make up a complete mass flowmeter.

The BlueSky mass flowmeter is widely used in the chemical industry, petroleum, natural gas, food, pharmaceutical, medical and other fields for its high accuracy, stability, and adaptability.

Mass Flow Transmitters is an electronic systems based on microprocessors.

It is used to provide the driving force to the sensor, convert the sensor signal into mass flow signal and other parameter signals, and compensate the mass flow according to the temperature parameters.

The transmitter is composed of a switch power supply, a safety grid plate, a core processor board, a display module, etc. . It is installed in an explosion-proof box.

The switching power supply provides the working power of the whole transmitter, and the safety grid plate is mainly responsible for the inherent safety isolation between the flow sensor and the transmitter The core processor board is mainly used to detect and process the phase signal of the sensor and output the mass flow signal and communication process.

1. Power input

Flow transmitters working power input F230A, F231A: AC220V/50Hz F230D, F231D: DC24V

2. 485 communication port

Flow transmitters and PC use RS485 communication port connection, use Modbus RTU transmission protocol, For specific protocol content please contact the company.

3. Pulse signal output

The flow transmitter’s pulse output is passive OC gate output and can be connected to an electronic counter.

The factory default is 0.1G for each pulse, the user can select other values or use PC communication settings when ordering.

4. The parameter modification

The flow transmitter is connected to a PC or hand-held device through an RS458 communication port, which can modify parameters such as pulse equivalent, threshold flow, flow coefficient, and so on.

Coriolis mass flow meter Transmitter

flow ransmitters

Flow Transmitters F231  Appearance


flow ransmitters F231

 F231 Panel operation function


flow ransmitters F210

 F231 Size

Natural gas pipeline measurement mass flow meters

Application of Flow Transmitters F231 in natural gas pipelines

Technical performances
Model no. F231
Temp. rating -20°C~+50°C
RH ≤95%, non condensed
Atmospheric pressure 86~106KPa
Operating voltage AC85~265V, DC12~28V
Communication port RS485 Modbus RTU
Ex-proof grade Exd[ib]IIBT4Gb

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