What is a fuel dispenser filter?

The fuel dispenser filter is the main device for filtering oil impurities, which can reduce pressure, discharge oil, and filter impurities. It is easy to use, safe, and reliable and includes an end cover, outer cylinder, and built-in filter element.

The filter is characterized in that the outer cylinder is equipped with an oil drain hole and a matching hole plug. The oil drain hole is a circular hole with threads located in the center of the end of the outer cylinder; The hole is a nut. Easy to disassemble, able to collect oil from the oil circuit and discharge filtered impurities without disassembly.

Blue Sky  Fuel Dispenser Filter:

Fuel Dispenser Filter

What is the main function of a fuel dispenser filter?

The main function of a filter is to filter oil impurities, make the oil pure, ensure oil quality, and reduce wear on the flow meter to ensure measurement accuracy.

fuel dispenser internal structure

What are the methods for cleaning filters on fuel dispensers?

After using the fuel dispenser for a certain period of time, the impurities in the filter will accumulate more and more, posing a risk to oil quality, and reducing the oil flow rate and refueling efficiency. In general, diesel filters require 100000 liters of oil to be circulated, while gasoline filters require 150000 liters to be cleaned or replaced. At present, when cleaning and replacing filters at gas stations, it is often found that the refueling flow rate slows down before cleaning or replacing, without following a scientific cleaning and replacement cycle, resulting in passive management. Do you know how to clean the filter of the fuel dispenser?

fuel dispenser I-WIN 8 nozzle-bluesky

Method for cleaning the filter of the fuel dispenser:

  1. If it is an old-fashioned filter, as it is made of wire mesh, you can remove the filter end cover on the integrated pump, remove the filter mesh, soak it in a cleaning solution, and then use a wool brush to clean it.
  2. If it is a new type of filter, as it is a disposable filter element, simply remove and replace it.
  3. Furthermore, the fuel dispenser should also maintain a beautiful and tidy appearance, requiring frequent wiping and waxing, timely removal of moisture, and prevention of rust. Especially for cold cities, before the onset of severe winter, the internal components of the fuel dispenser should be disassembled and cleaned, and protected with a protective sleeve to prevent water accumulation inside the fuel dispenser from causing freezing and cracking of the components.
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