Fuel Dispenser is Slow, How To Solve it?

Fuel dispensers as key equipment in special industries,  The refueling crew is “careful and caring” for it every day, However, the occurrence of fuel dispenser failures is still beyond human control.

Especially for gas stations with high-traffic customer groups, if the fuel dispenser breaks down, it will not only cause inconvenience to the customers but also cause losses to the gas station.

For gas stations, if the fuel dispenser is slow, it will greatly affect work efficiency. When the fuel dispenser has a slow fuel discharge fault, how to troubleshoot and solve it?


(1) The fuel dispenser is turned on and off normally.

(2) The metering of the fuel dispenser is normal.

(3) The oil output is slow, and the flow rate does not exceed 20~30L.

(4) Adjusting the overflow valve is invalid.

(5) Individual machines vibrate greatly.

Fuel dispenser fault repair


Check whether the oil bottom valve is flexible.

If the oil bottom valve enters impurities or the bottom valve movement is not flexible or stuck, it may cause the oil pump to discharge oil slowly. In this case, the only way to replace the bottom valve is to replace it.

Check whether there is a “bend” shape or fluctuating high and low in the oil pipeline of the fuel dispenser.

At the highest point of the “bend” character in the pipeline, there will often be oil and gas (because the density of a gas is relatively small compared to oil),

and it is difficult for the fuel dispenser to completely discharge the gas in this type of pipeline because some gas exists in the pipeline,

it will drain the oil circuit The flow cross-section is reduced, causing the fuel dispenser to be slow. If this kind of situation is in summer, it may cause the fuel dispenser to not produce fuel.

Check whether the fuel pipeline of the fuel dispenser is too long.

The standard distance between the dispenser and the tank is 30m, and the longest distance should not exceed 50m. If the pipeline is too long,

the dispenser will produce oil slowly, or even not, and the machine will vibrate greatly.

Check the filter for clogging.

Inside the fuel dispenser, there are at least 3 filter devices. If any filter is blocked, it may cause the dispenser to discharge oil slowly and the machine to vibrate greatly. Some people often ignore the cleaning of 1~2 filters, which makes maintenance difficult. Get up in trouble, helpless.

Check whether the oil pump relief valve is normal.

The normal working state of the overflow valve is that it is sealed when it is first started. When the pressure of the hydraulic system reaches a certain pressure, the overflow valve will automatically open. If the overflow valve is not tightly sealed when it should be sealed, it will cause the oil pump to discharge oil slowly. It can cause the oil pump to fail to form a negative pressure, and the fuel dispenser will not produce oil.

Check whether the oil outlet valve (or high-pressure valve, balance valve) can be opened flexibly.

If there is foreign matter in the oil outlet valve, it will cause the oil outlet valve to open and close poorly, which will cause slow oil output or unstable flow of the fuel dispenser, and the oil outlet valve needs to be cleaned

Check if the belt is normal.

If the belt is too loose or aging, it will cause the belt to slip when the motor rotates, the speed of the oil pump will be low, and the oil output of the fuel dispenser will be slow.

Check whether the solenoid valve is normal.

The solenoid valve controls the size and flow of the fuel dispenser, and its function is to improve the accuracy of preset fueling. If impurities enter, it may cause the fuel dispenser to discharge oil slowly with a large flow rate, and even slower to discharge oil with a small flow rate, or even no oil output. In this case, the machine often vibrates greatly. The maintenance method is to clean or replace the solenoid valve.

Check whether the hose joint of the fuel nozzle is blocked

The thinnest part of the hose joint of the fuel nozzle may be blocked by the rubber block that falls off the inner wall of the hose, causing the oil gun to discharge oil slowly, but this is often overlooked by people.

Fuel Nozzle Problems and Solutions

In short, when the fuel dispenser is slow, we need to observe it carefully. We can always find the cause of the problem and find a way to solve it.

You can also contact professionals to get help. Bluesky has a professional technician in this regard and can answer it for you for free. You can leave a message to contact us.

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