Fuel Dispenser Maintenance Points

How does the fuel dispenser maintain?

Users who frequently use fuel dispensers will find, For a long time, the fuel dispenser has no oil or the flow is too slow, What caused these?

The following Wenzhou Bluesky Energy Tech Co., Ltd manufacturers of fuel dispensers teach you how to solve the problem of not fuelling the fuel pump.

fuel dispenser Repair

Cause of issue

1. If the fuel nozzle is seriously blocked or the switch is faulty, the fuel nozzle should be cleaned to remove debris or replaced.

2. The filter screen of the fuel dispenser (including the cone filter screen) is severely clogged. The filter should be cleaned to remove debris.

3. The overflow valve cannot be closed. Foreign matter (broken shrapnel, etc.) is stuck between the valve core and the valve seat of the overflow valve,

As a result, the oil always circulates in the .pump and tank and cannot flow out. The valve core should be taken out during maintenance to remove foreign objects on the valve seat.

4. When the solenoid valve of the fuel dispenser cannot be opened and the machine does not deliver oil, First, check the control circuit part of the solenoid valve,

For example, whether the light valve board, relay board, or mainboard is damaged, whether the neutral line is connected properly,

and then check the solenoid valve itself for failure, Such as whether the coil in the valve is open, whether the valve membrane hole is blocked, etc.

Check the exhaust condition of the exhaust pipe of the oil and gas separator under the power-on state. If the exhaust does not stop, it can be preliminarily determined to be a leakage fault in the dispenser pipeline or bottom valve.

I win fuel dispensers

RT-WY224 fuel dispenser


There are debris, iron filings, and other debris in the pipeline of the fuel dispenser. When the oil pump of the fuel dispenser is pumping, the debris, iron filings,

and other debris in the pipeline will block the filter of the separator, which will cause the pump to no oil or slow oil.

Solution: The separator filter of the fuel dispenser should be cleaned frequently

The oil pipeline of the tanker is seriously damaged. At this time, a large amount of gas will enter,

so that the oil pipeline of the onboard pump cannot form a negative pressure,

which causes the pump oil pipeline to be exhausted, and the oil pump sounds light and does not deliver oil.

The stuck or damaged one-way valve of the oil tank or oil pipeline will also cause the oil pump of the onboard refueling machine to fail to enter the oil.

Then Check and replace the one-way valve on the fuel pump.

Fuel dispenser maintenance failure analysis flow chart


gas dispenser Maintenance flow chart



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