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Blue Sky has over 100,000 fuel dispenser solenoid valves, which have been used in gas stations worldwide.

  • The Diaphragm of the main valve has the capability of anti-corrosion and resisting -40 ℃ low temperature.
  • Special stainless steel magnetic material never rusts or generates remanent magnetism.
  • Buit-in parallel-connected electromagnetic pilot valve control, advanced craft, and reliable action.
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    Fuel Dispenser Solenoid Valve China supplier

    What is a fuel dispenser solenoid valve?

    The solenoid valve is used to ensure the measurement accuracy of the fuel dispenser.

    If a solenoid valve is not installed, at the moment of completing the preset refueling, due to the rotational inertia of the motor and oil pump, as well as the inertia of the oil flow, it is easy for a small amount of oil to continue to flow out from the nozzle of the fuel nozzle (after the preset refueling is completed, the main valve of the fuel nozzle does not close), causing the actual refueling amount to be greater than the preset refueling amount (referred to as “overshoot”), affecting the metering accuracy of the fuel dispenser.

    To avoid this phenomenon, a solenoid valve was installed behind the flow meter. By setting the amount of valve closure in advance, the phenomenon of excessive oil output caused by the rotational inertia of the motor and oil pump and the inertia of oil flow during preset refueling can be avoided.

    Bluesky Your Professional Fuel Dispenser solenoid valve Manufacturer

    solenoid valve msf-20
    • Flow Rate: MSF-20F, 3~50 L/min
    •                      MSF-25F, 80 L/min
    • Working Pressure: 0.035Mpa~0.35Mpa
    • Diameter: MSF-20F, 20mm 3/4″
    •                   MSF-20F,  25mm G1″
    • AC220V, AC110V, DC12V, DC24V
    solenoid valve msf-20t
    • Flow Rate: MSF-20T, 3~50 L/min
    •                      MSF-25T, 80 L/min
    • Working Pressure: 0.035Mpa~0.35Mpa
    • Diameter: MSF-20T, 20mm 3/4″
    •                   MSF-20T,  25mm G1″
    • AC220V, AC110V, DC12V, DC24V
    solenoid valve DSF-20F
    • Flow Rate: DSF-20F, 3~50 L/min
    •                     DSF-25F, 80 L/min
    • Working Pressure: 0.035Mpa~0.35Mpa
    • Diameter: DSF-20F, 20mm 3/4″
    •                   DSF-25F,  25mm G1″
    • AC220V, AC110V, DC12V, DC24V

    Blue Sky -Your Leading Supplier of All Types Fuel Dispensers Solenoid Valve

    How does it work?

    The solenoid valve has a main valve and a secondary valve. When the preset refueling amount (such as 10L, 20L) or amount is set in advance, after startup, both the main and secondary valves are opened, and the maximum flow rate for refueling is reached.

    When the set amount of fuel remains at 0.3L, the electronic control system sends a command to close the main valve with a high flow rate, and the remaining 0.3L is slowly filled through the auxiliary valve with a low flow rate.

    The function of the fuel dispenser solenoid valve.

    After testing, each set refueling will generate an “overshoot” of 0.01-0.3L.

    The size of the fuel dispenser’s “overshoot” is directly proportional to the flow rate before refueling ends, especially when the set refueling volume is low. Its relative error is even greater. For example, if the motorcycle refueling volume is 5L and the “overshoot” is 0.1L, the relative error is -2%.

    The more fuel a motorcycle needs to refuel. The greater the fuel loss caused by gas stations. Only by installing an electromagnetic valve on the pipeline behind the fuel pump of the fuel dispenser can the “overshoot” be removed and the accuracy of the fuel dispenser setting for refueling be improved.

    Of course, if it weren’t for preset quantitative refueling, there wouldn’t be an “overshoot”.

    Setting the Early Valve Closing Amount of the Bluesky Fuel Dispenser Electronic Control System

    As mentioned earlier, when there is still 0.3L of oil left, close the main valve. The 0.3L value here can also be set through the keyboard, with a setting range of 0.00-0.99L. Depending on the user or environment.

    The amount of valve closure in advance is set to improve the accuracy of preset quantitative refueling.

    The fuel dispenser performs preset quantitative refueling. When the difference between the refueling amount and the quantitative value is less than the pre-closed valve amount, the main valve will be closed, and the refueling amount will be completed at a low speed to avoid overshoot.

    MFS-20 Exploded view of dual flow solenoid valve

    Solenoid Valve Exploded view

    Solenoid Valve video

    Solenoid Valve Troubleshooting

    Some faults that occur during the operation of the fuel dispenser may be related to solenoid valves or other hydraulic components. For example, when the flow rate of the fuel dispenser is low or there is no fuel output, it may be a problem with the solenoid valve or other components. A malfunction of the solenoid valve can cause a malfunction of the fuel dispenser, but a malfunction of the fuel dispenser does not necessarily indicate a malfunction of the solenoid valve. Therefore, after a fuel dispenser malfunctions, a specific problem analysis should be conducted.

    The following table lists the faults and troubleshooting methods of the solenoid valve.

    Number Fault Phenomenon Fault Cause Diagnosis and Solution.

    Number Fault Phenomenon Fault Cause Diagnosis Solution
    1 The refueling function is activated, but no oil is produced. The appearance of the solenoid valve coil is abnormal. The electromagnetic coil is burnt out The electromagnetic coil has no suction after being energized Replace the solenoid coil
    2 After power on, it works normally, but there is AC noise Clean the pilot valve and small flow control valve, tighten the iron core
    3 External leakage Tighten screws or replace seals
    4 The solenoid valve cannot be closed after being powered off internal leakage Clean the pilot valve, small flow control valve, or replace the diaphragm
    5 The slow increase in oil gun outlet flow rate Clean the pilot valve and small flow control valve
    6 There is no low flow rate during preset refueling The coil reversed or the pilot valve not fully closed Check the wiring method, clean the pilot valve, small flow control valve, and diaphragm
    7 The fuel dispenser has a low flow or no fuel output The diaphragm or pilot valve is not fully open Clean or replace the pilot valve and clean the oil circuit

    During maintenance, attention should be paid to

    1. Before maintenance, the oil in the hydraulic system should be drained and the power should be cut off.
    2. Before repairing, it is necessary to study the product maintenance manual and have it operated by professional personnel.
    3. When repairing the electrical part, clean the parts with a clean and dry cloth, and do not use any solvents.

    More information:

    The function of the Fuel Dispenser Solenoid Valve

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