Bluesky hydrogenation machine controller function introduction

Bluesky hydrogenation machine is the company’s new product. Today I will take you through the basic functions of this product:

Bluesky hydrogenation machine

The Bluesky hydrogenation machine controller is suitable for compressed hydrogen gas filling machines with a rated working pressure of no more than 70 MPa.

The controller is designed according to the principle of intrinsic safety and consists of a main board, a power board, a safety grid, an IC card keyboard board,

and a dedicated display for the hydrogenation machine. It consists of a board screen, an explosion-proof MT318 card reader, and an explosion-proof printer.

The hydrogenation machine controller system consists of two parts: hardware and software.

The hardware system design complies with the relevant specifications of explosion-proof standards and meets the requirements for use in the next zone of the hydrogen environment (IIC, Gb).

The entire electronic control has passed the intrinsically safe explosion-proof certification and the explosion-proof mark ExdibⅡCT4Gb.

1. Bluesky hydrogenation machine hardware design features:

The controller mainboard is designed with multiple hardware interfaces to meet the needs of hydrogenation machine control:

Serial number

Input and output ports Quantity


1 Display port 2 Output annotation data (quality, amount, unit price, etc.)
2 Keyboard port 1 IC card keyboard input
3 DI input port 4 Switch signal input (emergency stop button, station control OK, station control emergency stop, gas cylinder detection)
4 AI input port 6 4-20mA signal input: hydrogen inlet pressure, hydrogenation pressure, ambient temperature, hydrogen probe (three-wire system), backup (2 channels)
5 DO output port 5 Mechanical contact output: hydrogenation valve, pressure relief valve, emergency stop status, hydrogenation demand signal, 70Mpa nitrogen solenoid valve (for 70Mpa)
6 AO output port 2 4-20mA signal output: regulating valve given signal, regulating valve pressure signal
7 RS485 port 3 All the way is assigned to the flow meter, flow meter parameters: baud rate 57600, even parity, stop bit 1, device address 1, Modbus 16-digit byte order 1-0, Modbus 32-digit byte order 3-2-1-0, Modbus Send delay 0; all the way is assigned to the background to transmit data on the hydrogenation machine, and all the way is connected to 70mpa infrared communication
Main Specifications
medium Compressed hydrogen Fixed work stress 25、35、70Mpa
powered by AC220V(±15%)/50Hz  1A Single counting range 0.00-9000.00kg
Unit price range 0.01$/kg-99.99$/kg The class cumulative number range 0.00-999999.99kg
gas measurement unit kg Cumulative count range 0.00-99999999.99kg
Quantitative Fixed amount, fixed quality Flow range 0~3.6kg/min
ambient temperature -20℃~40℃ Relative humidity 20%~95%
ambient atmospheric pressure 80kPa~110kPa Power outage Data retention, stored in memory
Explosion-proof signs ExdibⅡCT4Gb  
operating mode

The hydrogenation machine controller is divided into normal filling mode and IC card filling mode. In each mode, filling operations, query operations, and setting operations can be performed.

The filling operation is divided into arbitrary filling, preset amount filling, and preset quality filling,

which is convenient for customers to complete the hydrogenation operation.

Parameter query list1:

Serial number

parameter illustrate
1 Tired Query the total accumulation: the keyboard displays the hydrogenation amount and the total amount
2 Tired from work Query the class total: the keyboard displays the hydrogenation amount and the amount of the class total
3 Please check the home screen Query the amount of single refueling
4 Medium temperature Check the current hydrogen temperature of the hydrogenator
5 unit price Check unit price
6 Media density Query media density
7 Early valve closing amount Query the current early closing valve volume
8 gun number Query the gun number automatically assigned after connecting to the management system
9 current pressure Query current pressure
10 system time query time
11 Query the records Query history
Parameter query list2:

Serial number



1 unit price Unit price setting
2 system time time setting
3 Proportion spare
4 pressure The maximum pressure and shutdown pressure are set. When the maximum pressure is reached, the display panel reports an error E07. It is cleared after the pressure is restored. The hydrogenation process stops when the shutdown pressure is reached.
5 System maximum flow rate Maximum flow rate setting, range 0-999.0
6 Media density Density settings
7 Early valve closing amount When the early valve closing value is reached, the hydrogenation signal stops, and when the preset value is reached, the hydrogenation valve stops.
8 IC retained amount spare
9 Minimum display size The hydrogenation data will be displayed on the display screen only when the hydrogenation amount reaches the minimum display value.
10 Automatic printing Print Settings
Tired of clearing the class
Tired of clearing the class
12 CHK password spare
13 Hydrogen inlet pressure range Set the range (0-99) and enter the actual hydrogen inlet range. After modifying the range, the hydrogen inlet pressure will change.
14 Hydrogenation pressure range Set the range (0-99) and enter the actual hydrogenation range. The hydrogenation pressure will change after modifying the range.
15 Ambient temperature range Set the range (0-99), and enter the actual ambient temperature range, the ambient temperature will change after modifying the range.
16 Maximum pressure of hydrogen inlet Setting range (0-99), enter the maximum allowable hydrogen inlet pressure
17 maximum temperature Setting range (0-99), enter the maximum allowable temperature. When the temperature is exceeded, the hydrogenation machine reports an error E08. After the temperature returns to normal, the error disappears.
18 Modbus address Setting range (0-99), change the address for communication with plc
19 Hydrogenation valve control Enter 1 or 2 to open or close the hydrogenation valve for debugging
20 Relief valve control Input 1 or 2 to open or close the relief valve for debugging
21 Automatic release time Input range (0-99). After the hydrogenation process is completed, the release valve will not open until the automatic release time is reached.
22 Onboard bottle pressure settings Input range (0-99). When the hydrogenation process starts, if the hydrogenation pressure is lower than this set value,

the machine will automatically stop and the display will prompt E15.

2. Bluesky hydrogenation machine software system

The software consists of a central service system and a station control system. The software system block diagram is as follows.

The central service system adopts B-S architecture and is installed on the user’s main server. The user needs to have a cloud server or a private server that can access some ports from the external network.

The system uses the Windows system, relies on the IIS manager to publish web applications, and cooperates with the SQL Server database system to conduct comprehensive data management and control.

The station control system is mainly a data system site center that processes summary data of a single site. It is responsible for direct communication with hydrogenation equipment.

Its daily tasks include data interaction with the central service system, hydrogenation machine equipment protocol communication, daily data summary, report display, etc.

hydrogenation machine software system

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