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Wenzhou Bluesky Energy Technology Co., Ltd. as a professional gas station equipment supplier and a gas station construction companies, can provide one-stop gas station services. That means Bluesky could provide all the things you need for building and running a gas station.

gas station construction company for bluesky

I will introduce the details about Bluesky’s one-stop service for the person who may need it in this article

Normally one gas station will include the following items:

1. Fuel Dispensers, these are the most important things for the refueling system. That is used to earn money and refuel the oil for your customers.
2. Storage Tanks, normally will choose the underground tank. That is used to store the oil.
3. Canopy, most gas stations are open-air, the canopy can play the role of sunshade and rain protection. You can also add your logo and advertisement on it so that drivers will see your station from a distance.
4. Price Sign, normally it is with your logo and shows the unit price of each oil product on it. That can attract drivers and show the price information for you them directly.
5. Valves, Pipelines, and Lights, used for contacting the storage tank and dispensers. That makes the refueling system work. Lights will keep your station also working in the evening.
6. Management System, including the leak detection system and tank gauging system. The tank gauging system will provide the level information and show the capacity of your storage tank. So that you can. Leak detection will alert you in the event of a leak and cut down the electricity. The management system will collect the data you need for gas station management.
7. Fire Extinguishers and Extra Equipment. Extra equipment will be like a generator, shop, offloading pump, and so on.

gas station construction

Bluesky gas station’s one-stop service could provide all of the above items. And also provide the customized for your gas station, such as :

1. Whole station design, after the checking dimension and the basic requirement for your station, we could provide the station design for you. About the location of the dispensers, tanks and maybe also the extra shop and office.
2. Recommendations for optimization of tank capacity, sometimes that the customer does not know how to calculate the capacity of the tank they would need for this station. This will make the tank too large or too small. Large will waste the cost, and too small will cause the rest oil not enough for the refueling. According to this, Bluesky also provides calculation service for our customers, we will according to the number of cars that visit your station each day and how often the tank trucks provide the offloading for your station to provide the best solution for your tank capacity.
3. Different management systems according to customers’ needs, Bluesky could provide a smart card payment system and a normal type system for the owner of gas stations. For this system, you can check almost all the data you need for running the gas stations. Also could know the real level of your tank to make sure the rest oil is enough for your station to run.
4. Price Sign, Canopy customized. Bluesky will provide the price sign and canopy outlook design according to customers’ requirements. That we could add your logo on the price sign, canopy, and fuel dispensers as the outlook. It could help your station to remember your station and attract more drivers.
5. Any other details and extra reasonable requirements.

Bluesky gas station construction

The above information is for the Bluesky One-Stop gas station construction. If you need to find a gas station construction companies in China, please contact us.
If you want to know more details about us please contact us. You can also check the article we posted before for more information about our Smart Card Payment System.


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