Gas station fire hazard analysis and preventive measures

A fire at a gas station is a very scary thing. The oil stored in the gas station has the characteristics of flammability and explosion, which determines its fire risk.

And once a fire occurs, it is bound to cause huge loss of life and property.

So now the safety of car gas stations is gradually being paid attention to.

The occurrence of fire accidents is mainly due to the existence of fire hazards in the overall design,

production process and equipment, and safety management of gas stations.

fuel dispenser Gas station

1. Gas station fire hazard analysis

a. The site selection and overall layout are unreasonable.

Many gas stations have been renovated, mainly with the addition of convenience stores.

For the renovation of convenience stores, many gas stations have not been declared to the public security and fire department.

As a result, a series of fire hazards such as insufficient fire resistance limit and insufficient fire spacing are triggered.

b. Improper unloading and oil transportation

Gas stations usually use a splash from the top to unload the oil.

The oil product rapidly impacts the tank wall, agitates the oil in the irrigation, and accelerates the evaporation and gasification of the oil from the open.

The self-sealing fuel nozzle is not used for oil transportation, and the old open refueling method is still used,

which will cause a large amount of oil and gas to overflow during refueling.

The spilled oil and gas diffuse into the air, and if the ventilation is not smooth, it forms a build-up and gradually reaches the explosion limit,

and an explosion will occur when encountering the ignition source.

c.Hidden dangers of electrical equipment

Whether it is the regulatory department or the car gas station, it is often too important to pay too much attention to the fire safety work of the tank farm and refueling area and ignore the fire hazard in the business hall.

It is mainly reflected in the fixed telephones and computers set up in some business halls.

Some business halls are even equipped with money detectors to check the authenticity of currency,

or rice cookers and induction cookers are used in the re-business area.

If the above equipment is not explosion-proof, it is easy to become a potential fire hazard.

Gas station fire

d. There are management vulnerabilities

The quality of employees in gas stations is uneven. They have little knowledge of gas station equipment structure, fire hazards, and rescue and escape methods and weak safety awareness.

The safety management system of some gas stations is copied and downloaded from the Internet, and no fire management organization has been established,

which is not combined with the actual situation of the unit, just to cope with the inspection.

Some gas stations do not make emergency response and rescue plans according to the actual situation of the station area and the characteristics of the surrounding environment,

and employees lack the ability to deal with emergencies.

2、Gas station fire prevention measures

Gas stations are closely related to people’s lives.

For its fire hazard, attention should be paid to starting from the details, and various means and countermeasures should be used to minimize the potential danger of accidents at gas stations.

a.Reasonable layout, strict approval

Car gas stations should be built on both sides of urban arterial roads with large traffic flow, urban entrance and exit locations, etc.

At the same time, attention should be paid to avoid setting up at the intersection of the road,

so as not to bring inconvenience to urban traffic and congestion due to the entry and exit of cars.

Also, consider the surrounding buildings and ventilation problems and try to choose a place with better ventilation.

You can choose places with better greenery, and some plants can absorb oil and gas and reduce the concentration of oil and gas in the air.

b. Implement closed oil discharge and self-sealing refueling technology.

Automobile gas stations should adopt advanced processes and equipment such as closed oil unloading, self-sealing refueling, oil and gas recovery systems,

oil and gas concentration monitoring and alarm systems, etc., to reduce oil and gas leakage and accumulation.

The tank truck must set up a special oil inlet pipeline for oil unloading and use a quick coupling connection for closed oil unloading.

Gas phase pipes are installed on the tank truck and oil tank, and the gasoline vapor in the tank truck is returned to the tank truck while unloading the oil.

Gas stations should use self-sealing refueling technology, switch to self-sealing fuel nozzles, and eliminate the old open refueling.

The gas station is open for refueling

c. Explosion-proof electrical equipment is selected.

The hazard area is divided according to the degree of danger of each part of the gas station.

In this way, when selecting electrical equipment and formulating emergency rescue plans, different dangerous areas can be treated separately, and the focus can be placed on dangerous areas.

Accident lighting should be installed in areas with high hazard levels.

Automatic temperature and liquid level monitoring, combustible gas detection alarms, and other systems should be set up with an uninterrupted power supply to ensure the normal operation of these equipment when the power is cut off and ensure the safety of the gas station.

d. Strengthen fire safety management.

Implement the fire safety responsibility system, and the station manager of the gas station, as the person responsible for fire safety, shall be fully responsible for the fire safety of the gas station.

It is necessary to strictly implement the management work and regularly organize employees to carry out fire safety training.

Fire extinguishing equipment should be set at a fixed point and not obstructed. Gas stations regularly inspect and maintain firefighting equipment to ensure the availability of equipment.

Gas stations should be equipped with necessary flashers, down conductors, and lightning rods.


Mastering the fire safety management countermeasures of gas stations is of great significance to reduce gas station fire and explosion accidents, reduce casualties, and reduce economic losses.

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