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Why does Bluesky insist on producing and selling gas station pumps? With the development of modern automobile technology, people’s demand for refueling is increasing.

The market for selling gas station pumps has great potential as the usage of gas station pumps continues to increase as more and more car owners demand fuel refueling. In order to meet the market demand,

Bluesky is also constantly improving the manufacturing process of gas station pumps.

The quality of the gas station pump is the key to determining its prospects. Only by providing high-quality quality and perfect after-sales service can we win the trust of customers and continue to expand more new customers while retaining old customers.

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How does the gas station pump work?

Some friends may not know the working principle of the gas station pump, let me give you a brief explanation. The fuel in the oil storage tank is first sucked by the pump,

passed through the flow meter, and then output through the control valve and the fueling nozzle.

The pulser forms an electrical pulse signal, and the electronic counting and indicating device displays the cumulative volume of the fuel delivered.

The current gas station pump is easy to operate, the system can be activated by removing the fuel nozzle,

and the nozzle can be automatically closed when the fuel tank is filled up.

Other functions such as start, stop, preset,

and unit price adjustments can be realized through the operation keyboard.


About the RT-W366 gas station pump

RT-W366 dispenser includes 3 motors, 3 pumps, 6 flow meters, and 6 nozzles.
The 3 pumps can provide three different products. We will provide corresponding prompt stickers according to the products sold by customers, so as to better distinguish different products.
The 6 flow meters can convert the flow of different products into mechanical rotation signals and send them to the publisher.
The pulser then converts the mechanical rotation signals of the flow meters into pulse signals and sends them to the control board, so as to precisely control the oil output quantity.
The top box, computer box, panel, column, and front door of the RT-W366 gas station pump can be designed according to your need.
If you have a custom logo or need to design a pattern, our company can design it for you free of charge.
RT-W366 dispenser also includes some small accessories, such as a breakaway valve and oil sight glass. Let me introduce the function of those accessories to you.

fuel dispenser

The function of a breakaway valve

Each hose of the RT-W366 gas station pump is equipped with a breakaway valve.
The breakaway valve belongs to the weak connection point of the entire transmission link.
When the set condition is reached, the pipeline connection is disconnected, and the intermediate medium is self-sealed in the pipeline.
Customers may forget to remove the oil nozzle after using the gas station pump, which can cause the hose to pull down the fuel dispenser as the car moves away, causing leaks and accidents.
The breakaway valve can effectively prevent leakage accidents caused by accidental breakage of the pipeline, thereby protecting the fuel dispenser, and is one of the indispensable accessories.

The function of oil sight glass

The RT-W366 gas station pump is equipped with oil sight glass, which is used to observe whether the tanker is completely filled with oil.
It can be used to observe whether there are air bubbles in the metered output oil. When there are many bubbles, it will affect the measurement accuracy.
Although the oil sight device is simple in structure, it has a great effect. It is necessary to require it to be transparent and easy to observe.

Why do customers choose our gas station pump?

Bluesky has technical personnel to provide technical guidance, supervision, and technical support services.

The RT-W366 gas station pump implements for repair, replacement, and compensation of faulty products,

which is implemented in accordance with the national product quality protection law.

During the “Three Guarantees” period, all maintenance is free (except for damage caused by human factors and force majeure).

gas station pump

Bluesky is an enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales, and after-sales service. In recent years, we have become the preferred service provider for the world’s small and medium-sized energy enterprises.

Bluesky has been in line with international requirements, and there are strict requirements for the production and sales of fuel dispensers. Our products and technologies have entered a new stage of development.

I believe that our cooperation is mutually beneficial and common development. Welcome friends from all over the world to buy our products!

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