Gas Station Submersible Pump

1. Overview of gas station submersible pump

The gas station submersible pump was developed from the explosion-proof shielded motor produced by the Franklin Company of the United States in the 1950s,

and its core technology is the shielded motor. Franklin’s gas station submersible pumps are commonly known as “Blue Jacket“. The American “Red Jacket” submersible pump is a world-renowned brand,

but the canned motor it uses is also manufactured by Franklin (since the end of 2012, Franklin and Red Jacket manufacturer Veeder-Root terminated the canned motor supply contract), China In 2004,

the green brand submersible pump was independently developed and put into market use in large quantities.

Submersible Pump

Submersible pumps usually consist of motors, pump bodies, pump shafts, pump impellers, sealing devices, and other parts.

2. Working principle of gas station submersible pump

The gas station installs the submersible pump in the oil tank, uses the motor to drive the pump shaft to rotate,

and the pump shaft drives the pump impeller to rotate, thereby pumping the liquid to the ground. Inside the pump body,

the liquid generates separation force through the rotation of the pump discharge wheel, forming a negative pressure area from the surface,

so that the liquid is sucked into the pump body. With the course of the pump spout,

the liquid is pushed to the outlet of the pump body and finally delivered to the ground.

OIL tank

3. Advantages of gas station submersible pump

①The submersible pump in the gas station uses the principle of positive pressure push,

so there will be no phenomenon that the self-priming pump will appear air resistant in a high-temperature environment and the oil will be released slowly, or even not.

②The oil delivery distance of the gas station submersible pump is longer, which can reach about 150-200 meters,

while the oil delivery distance of the self-priming pump is only 50 meters at most.

③The gas station submersible pump can carry multiple nozzles (4-8 nozzles) on one pump,

and the self-priming pump can only have one nozzle or two nozzles per pump,

so the internal structure of the submersible pump fuel dispenser is simple, and the oil pipeline line is optimized,

which brings great convenience for installation and maintenance, cost-effective.

④Positive pressure transmission in the pipeline, good airtightness,

there will be no difficulty in opening the port of the oil tank due to the increase of the oil outlet pipeline.

⑤The submersible pump has low noise, low failure rate, and long service life.

Gas station submersible pump

4. Gas station submersible pump of Bluesky Energy

Bluesky Energy can provide the original Blue Jacket or Red Jacket submersible pumps. At the same time, everyone is welcome to know about the QYB series submersible pumps independently researched, developed, and produced by us.

QYB series submersible pumps

QYB series submersible pumps have the following characteristics.

①The motor uses turbocharged technology, carbon bearings, and stainless steel shell design, safe and reliable,

stable performance, higher efficiency, faster delivery of oil products, and lower failures during operation.

②There are various styles to choose from, motor voltage options are 220V and 380V, Hertz options are 50HZ and 60HZ, power options are 0.75HP, 1.5HP, 2HP, 3HP and 5HP,

fixed poles and telescopic poles can be carried, and the maximum diameter range of the oil tank can be used Up to 5 meters, the maximum flow rate can reach 1000LPM.

③The submersible pump pays attention to the convenience of maintenance when it is designed,

which greatly shortens the maintenance time and improves efficiency.

5. Summary

submersible pumps

Gas station submersible pumps have powerful functions and broad application scenarios. The current version of GB50156-2014-2016 (Code for Design and Construction of Automobile Refueling and Gas Stations) points out:

“The refueling process using submersible pumps is the trend of Chinese gas station technology development.”

If you are interested, please visit or inquiry of and +8615058730346, thank you!

The next article will bring the structure introduction, parameter configuration, and model selection of Bluesky’s submersible pump, so stay tuned!


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