Gas Station Vapor Recovery System

This is the Secondary Vapor Recovery System. The system collects, stores, and recycles the oil and gas generated during the refueling process in a closed manner,

suppressing the volatilization of oil and gas, and protecting the environment and personnel health.

Today, the gas station has higher and higher requirements for the working efficiency of the fuel dispenser. While ensuring the normal delivery of gasoline, it must also ensure the safety and accuracy of the fuel delivery. The motor and the pump together form the power system of the fuel dispenser.

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How are the oil and gas produced during the refueling process of the fuel dispenser?

When the fuel dispenser is started, the motor of the system is also started,

and the fuel is sucked into the pump chamber under the action of pressure.

The working principle of the pump can be divided into positive pressure and negative pressure.

In the process of positive pressure oil supply, when the submersible pump is running at high speed,

the flow rate of the oil through the impeller of the centrifugal pump is very high,

the static pressure of the oil at this position drops,

and the air mixed and dissolved in the oil is easy to separate out.

When the oil flows at high speed in the pipeline, a partial vacuum will be created, and the gas will be precipitated from the oil.

The oil pump is installed in the oil dispenser in the negative pressure oil supply system.

When oil is sucked, the inlet of the oil pump and the pipeline in front of the oil pump have a certain vacuum pressure,

and the air mixed in the solution will be precipitated.

Since oil and gas is an unstable and volatile gas, a large amount of oil and gas will be produced in the process of pumping gasoline.

The hidden danger of Oil and Gas

Excessive concentration of gasoline in the environment may cause an explosion, inhalation of excessive oil and gas will endanger health,

and a large amount of oil and gas loss will easily cause pressure imbalance in the oil storage tank,

causing certain troubles for subsequent oil transportation. In order to strengthen the safety protection of the gas station, the vapor recovery system is essential.

The working principle of the vapor recovery system

According to the different conditions of the fuel dispenser and the underground pipeline of the gas station,

a centralized or decentralized vapor recovery system can be selected respectively.

1. Centralized vapor recovery system
Process principle:

The oil and gas recovery vacuum pump is installed in the tank area, one set for each gas station.

The system adopts a variable frequency speed-regulated vacuum pump,

which automatically adjusts the speed of the vacuum pump according to the refueling load,

so as to realize the oil and gas recovery of one vacuum pump matching multiple refueling machines.

System Features:

Frequency conversion speed regulation, low operating cost, and precise control;

The power distribution and control only involve the power distribution room,

and there is no direct connection with the tanker, so the construction difficulty is small;

Simple installation in the tanker, suitable for all models and all gas stations;

Away from the refueling place, the noise felt when refueling is smaller;

The maximum return air volume of a single pump can reach 750L/min.

2. Decentralized vapor recovery system
Process principle:

In the decentralized oil and gas recovery system, the oil and gas recovery vacuum pumps are scattered and installed in each fuel dispenser.

System Features:

It can be pumped and shot one by one, and can also be combined;

The failure of a single vacuum pump will not affect the oil and gas recovery of other refueling guns;

Each fuel dispenser can independently form a system, which is easy to replace between different sites;

Simple control;

There must be enough installation space in the dispenser.

Wenzhou Bluesky Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in the export of fuel dispenser equipment, integrating R&D, production, sales, and service.

It has more than 20 years of production experience. The company has a professional R&D team with strong strength.

A vapor recovery system can effectively recover the oil and gas generated during the refueling process and has been widely recognized by customers around the world.

vapor recovery system principle

vapor recovery system solution

vapor recovery nozzle

vapor recovery nozzle


Bluesky has summarized many years of product production experience and after continuous trials and improvements,

the vapor recovery system can perfectly meet the needs of major gas stations,

can be used in various environments, and is easy to operate.

Our company’s vapor recovery system mainly adopts two process forms: condensation + adsorption process; the other is condensation + membrane process.

Based on the principle of carbon adsorption, it requires lower energy consumption while ensuring the efficiency of oil and gas recovery.

At a low temperature of -75°C, the condensed oil, and gas have no impurities and will not have any impact on the fuel quality in the oil storage tank. Such low-temperature condensation technology is at the leading level in the industry.

If you want to know more about Bluesky, please consult our company website:

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