Home EV Charger in Hot Sale.

With the accelerated development of automobile electrification,house EV charger piles have also set off a wave of enthusiasm.

According to the statistics of China Charging Alliance, by the end of November 2022, the number of various types of charging piles in China has reached 4.95 million, and the number of public charging piles is about 1.73 million, including 9.99 million AC EV charging and 732 million DC EV charging.

With the rapid rise of the charging market, the requirements for the appearance and performance of the EV charging pile are also higher and higher.

Compared with the fast-charging DC EV charging pile, the AC EV charging pile is slightly slower.

However, its advantages cannot be ignored. The AC EV charging only needs single-phase 220V voltage, which can be supported by ordinary household electricity. Compared with the construction of a DC  EV charging,

which needs to coordinate land and power grid resources, the investment and construction restrictions of an AC EV charging are obviously much smaller.

And the cost is lower and the installation is convenient.

The AC EV charging is more suitable for private car owners. If you have a pile, you don’t need to spend energy to find a pile to charge.

Recharge during breaks after get off work,not only will it affect the normal use of the vehicle,

and charging costs can be reduced by using time-of-use tariffs.

Bluesky has developed and designed a type of household home EV charger with high hardness and reinforced plastic shell to meet users’ needs for the use and appearance of home EV chargers.

Bluesky wallbox EV charger

Not only does the smooth curve of the appearance design make it more artistic,

but also the functional aspect also considers the design in all aspects.

Bluesky is people-oriented, so it is divided into the home version and the operation version in the design of this model.

Both are three-phase or single-phase, and both are contactless card readers (13.56MHz), 14443A standard. And they all have Bluetooth communication functions.

There are red, yellow, and green LED indicators to feedback on the charging status in real-time,

and the working status is clear at a glance.

In terms of safety, IP55 protection grade can easily cope with various climatic conditions, whether frost, rain, wind, and sun or salt spray corrosion. It can be handled easily.

At the same time, Bluesky charging pile has multiple protection functions to ensure the safe charging of users.

Input over-voltage protection, input over-current protection, anti-surge protection, output short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection, leakage protection (A+DC6mA), and emergency shutdown.

The connector is equipped with a 5-meter-long wire.

First home version

In addition to the above functions, 1 meter of AC incoming line is specially reserved to facilitate customer wiring.

The installation method is vertical.

Home EV charger used card swiping and Bluetooth activation.

It is suitable for family scenes.

home EV charger

The second is the operational version

This new model has an exquisite 4.3-inch TFT display screen that can display in real-time and the charging process is clearer than the home version.

It also has multiple choices of wired and wireless, making charging easier. WiFi networking and 2G networking are optional.

A wired access network can also be selected for real-time communication management to save investment costs,

facilitate management and maintenance, and meet the protocol OCPP1.6J.

It adopts swiping card, Bluetooth, and networking.

The network connection can be WiFi networking, 2G networking, and RJ45 networking.

There are two types of installation methods: wall-mounted type and column type.

This model is a charging device for public charging scenes, which can provide charging services for shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, properties, and other scenes.

Bluesky home EV charger

Bluesky follows the trend of the times, and the professional team quickly responds to the new market demand of the charging pile industry, focuses on customers, solves customer needs, and produces high-quality products, which is worthy of customers’ trust.



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