Hose Breakaway Coupling Valve

The hose breakaway coupling valve is a very important safety device. Effectively prevent serious accidents caused by excessive internal pressure in the fuel dispenser.

What is the function of the hose breakaway coupling valve on the fuel dispenser?

In recent years, driving away from a gas station without the fuel gun turned on, accidents that cause safety accidents to occur from time to time; It is highly likely that the safety device of the oil station, the hose breakaway coupling valve, did not play its due role and caused it. (As shown in the figure below)

Fuel dispenser collapse accident

Within the specified range, a device for isolating fuel guns and refueling machines, reducing fuel leakage, and stopping fuel flow.

Effectively protect the fuel dispenser from being pulled down during the stretching process to avoid accidents.

For hose separation type connection valves that are not installed.

The car pulls the fuel gun, and in lighter cases, the barrel separates.  In heavier cases, it pulls down the fuel pump while the pump is still running, and the consequences would be unimaginable……

Basic Characteristics of Fuel Dispenser hose breakaway coupling valve:

  1. Enable the device to automatically and quickly disengage;
  2. The two parts can be effectively sealed after detachment;
  3. Stable braking force, easy to repair, requires a manual reset and can be repeatedly broken for use.

hose breakaway coupling valve

Working Principle of hose breakaway coupling valve:

The hose separation connection valve on the fuel dispenser consists of two parts, one part is the valve body, and the other part is the hose separation connection valve.

The valve body is used to control the inlet and outlet of fuel,

and completely cut off the fuel in the fuel pipeline in an emergency situation, to avoid fires and explosions.

When an emergency occurs at the fuel dispenser, the pull ring of the hose separation connection valve will be pulled,

causing the internal iron plate and spring to close together, this completely cuts off the fuel in the fuel pipeline.

In addition, a safety device is installed on the valve body of the hose breakaway coupling valve.

When the valve body is subjected to excessive pressure, the safety device will be triggered,

The safety device will pull up the pull ring of the hose breakaway coupling valve, and completely cut off the fuel in the fuel pipeline.

In order to avoid fires and explosions, provide safety guarantees for people.


hose breakaway coupling valve

High-quality hose breakaway coupling valves have undergone strict design and testing and must meet relevant regulatory requirements and safety certification. They are suitable for various fuels. Excellent quality and design can ensure that internal valves automatically close during the pull-off process, reducing damage to the fuel dispenser and pipeline system while preventing fuel from flowing out of the fuel dispenser and separated hoses, reducing the potential risk of fuel leakage , damage to the environment and health. The Blue Sky refueling machine has passed ISO, explosion-proof certification, CE, and other qualified certifications, making it a worthwhile choice for the oil and gas industry.

Different types:

hose breakaway coupling valve

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