How can we improve the user experience of charging piles?

Improving the user experience of charging piles is a very important thing.

For sustainable development, the use of renewable new energy is the trend of energy change. New energy trams are at the forefront of the new energy trend. EV charging piles are essential equipment. They complement each other, progress with automobiles, and continue promoting the popularization of electric vehicles and new energy. This article explains how to monitor charging.

1. Internet of Things technology applications

The Internet is today’s most important and popular way of interconnection. Currently, there are countless devices on the planet connected to the Internet and transmitting information to every corner of the world.

Various data from charging piles are collected and transmitted to the central monitoring system through wired or wireless networks.

2. Support of cloud computing technology

Cloud computing technology provides powerful data storage for charging piles.

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3. Establishment of remote monitoring system

Through such a unified system platform, operators can easily monitor all operating charging pile equipment, discover problems in real time, and find solutions.

Establishment of remote monitoring system

4. Settings of fault alarm system

Although the information on charging piles is collected through the Internet of Things and cloud computing technology, people cannot always view it. When a fault occurs, an effective alarm reminder is a reasonable solution. In this way, problems can be discovered promptly at any time, and corresponding measures can be taken immediately to ensure the stable operation of the charging pile and reduce losses caused by failures.

Settings of fault alarm system

5. Application of data analysis and prediction technology

Charging stations can be better monitored using data analytics and predictive technology. Through the analysis of charging pile data, potential problems and trends can be identified, the future operation of charging piles can be predicted, and corresponding measures can be taken promptly to prevent problems from occurring.

This will not only help improve operators’ competitiveness but also promote the development of the electric vehicle industry and provide users with more convenient and reliable charging services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) What networking methods does Bluesky charging pile equipment support?

Wired: Ethernet; Wireless: WIFI, 4G, 2G

2) Does Bluesky charging pile support uploading monitoring data?

Of course, it is supported. The charging pile uploads the operating data of the charging pile to the management system through the OCPP1.6 protocol to improve user experience. In the future, it will also support but not be limited to the OCPP2.0 protocol.

3) What monitoring data does the Blue Sky charging pile management system collect?

The Blue Sky charging pile management system currently collects the status, current, voltage, meter data, temperature, and fault information of the charging pile; during the charging process, it also collects vehicle demand current, demand voltage, SOC, battery temperature, vehicle BMS information, etc.

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