How do Philippine customers import fuel dispensers from China?

Many customers in the Philippines will purchase mini fuel stations or fuel dispensers from China. Because the prices in China are much more affordable than local prices. But how to import fuel dispensers from China? Many people who have no important experience will be very worried. The following is a detailed introduction.

Find the right Chinese supplier:

Philippine customers can find suitable Chinese fuel dispenser suppliers through Internet searches, industry exhibitions, Alibaba, etc.

When selecting a supplier, the supplier’s qualifications, product quality, price, and after-sales service need to be considered.

Bluesky has been engaged in the fuel dispenser industry since 1997. It is one of the top fuel dispenser exporters in China and exports more than 500 units of fuel dispensers to the Philippines every year. We have rich experience in exporting to the Philippines. In summary, it is undoubtedly the best choice for customers.


Proforma invoice:

Bluesky will provide a proforma invoice. The proforma invoice will clearly state the model, specifications, quantity, price, delivery method, payment method, after-sales service, and other terms of the fuel dispenser.

Bluesky’s mini fuel station and fuel dispenser come with a one-year warranty. We will reimburse you for new parts if spare parts are damaged within one year.

Bluesky's mini fuel station

Payment method:

According to the proforma invoice, the Philippine customer needs to pay the payment to the Chinese supplier. Bluesky’s payment method is to pay a 30% advance payment before the factory starts production. Pay 70% of the final payment before shipment. Customers can remit money through bank transfers or Alibaba.

The customer can remit money through Alibaba if it is the first transaction. Only when the goods are received will Alibaba remit the money to the merchant, which can protect the rights of both buyers and sellers?

Go through import formalities:

Philippine customers need to declare imported fuel dispensers to Philippine Customs and provide relevant import documents, such as import licenses, packing lists, invoices, bills of lading, etc. At the same time, corresponding duties and taxes need to be paid.

Customs clearance and delivery:

After passing the customs review, Philippine customers need to go through customs clearance procedures and pay relevant fees. Pickup can be arranged to transport the fuel dispenser to its destination.

It should be noted that during the process of importing fuel dispensers, Philippine customers need to abide by the relevant laws, regulations, and regulations of the Philippines to ensure that the import process is legal and compliant.

The quality of Bluesky’s fuel dispenser products complies with Philippine regulations, and it provides timely technical support and maintenance to allow customers to use the machines without worries.

For customers who have no import experience, they can find a local freight forwarder in the Philippines. For example, BIGBOX Freight Forwarding is one of the top freight forwarding companies in the Philippines.

Best quality Sea Freight Services fromChina to the Philippines

They provide LCL or FCL services and can transport to Manila, Cebu, or Davao in the Philippines. Shipping time is generally 25~30 days.

We will transport the completed fuel dispenser to BIGBOX’s warehouse in Yiwu, China, and they will be responsible for transporting it from China to the Philippines.

BIGBOX’s services include transportation and customs clearance. Customers no longer need to worry about import issues.

If you need a fuel dispenser or mini fuel dispenser, please feel free to contact Bluesky. We will provide you with the best fuel dispenser and the most convenient way to import.

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