How do you choose a charging pile?

There are many brands of charging piles on the market today, so you must consider them carefully when purchasing. Don’t buy a charging pile that doesn’t suit your needs. This will waste everyone’s time and money. So how do you choose a charging pile? Which one is better? Below, the author will explain it to you in detail so that you can understand it clearly.


How do you choose a charging pile?

Try to choose one with a screen to easily see the power and observe whether the current is stable.

The more types of charging methods, the better. In addition to the current mainstream charging by swiping a card, it can also be started at a scheduled time after connecting to the APP via Bluetooth, or by pressing a button.

Must support scheduled charging. Plug in the charging gun when you get home from work and start it after midnight. It is the cheapest way to charge.

The charging gun head must be durable to prevent it from accidentally falling to the ground or being crushed while driving.

In addition to meeting the necessary conditions just now, it is also equipped with a running water lamp when charging, which is very ceremonial.

Analysis of the special functions of various series of charging piles

Bluesky CDZ-BX Series charging pile:

Bluesky CDZ-BX Series

The Bluesky CDZ-BX Series charging pile is a very convenient and practical device, providing users with the ultimate charging experience.

Lightweight: Its lightweight design allows users to easily carry the charging station with them, ensuring sufficient energy supply whether it is long-distance travel or daily commuting. Put it in the car and charge it whenever you park it;

Small size: The dedicated storage bag further increases its portability, allowing the charging pile to be conveniently stored when not in use without taking up extra space.

Convenient and safe: Easy to operate, plug-and-play features, combined with customizable maximum current output settings, make every charging simple, fast, and safe.

In addition, its high degree of compatibility and flexibility make it one of the most attractive options on the market, meeting the diverse needs of electric vehicle owners.

Bluesky CDZ-P Series charging pile:

Bluesky CDZ-P Series

The design of the Bluesky CDZ-P Series charging pile fully considers the combination of beauty and practicality.

Good-looking: This charging pile is compact in appearance, has a matte texture, and is elegant.

Simple installation: It is also extremely convenient to install. The simple upper and lower screw installation method has no other installation restrictions, making it easy for anyone to install without professional skills or tools.

Waterproof and dustproof: IP655 waterproof and dustproof level, high protection level, ensures that the charging pile can operate stably in various indoor and outdoor environments and is not affected by weather conditions.

Bluetooth APP startup: The smart startup function of its Bluetooth APP supports scheduled charging, allowing users to remotely control charging and charge during periods when electricity costs are low. When you go home at night, plug in the charging gun, wait until the electricity price reaches a trough, and then wait for charging. This not only facilitates users but also helps them save on energy bills.

The attractive design and advanced functions of this charging station make it popular in the market, making it an ideal choice for modern electric car owners.

Bluesky CDZ-PG Series charging pile:

Bluesky CDZ-PG Series

Socket design: Through its innovative design, it solves some problems existing in traditional charging piles. It cancels the traditional charging gun and uses a charging socket instead, which greatly reduces equipment loss and maintenance problems. No worries about the gun tip falling to the ground.

Strong compatibility: With a variety of adapters, this charging pile is compatible with almost all types of electric vehicles, greatly expanding its range of use. Use with adapters: Type 2 to Type 2 adapter, Type 2 to GBT adapter, Type 2 to Type 1 adapter, etc.

Support commercial use: At the same time, as a commercial charging pile, it is equipped with the advanced OCPP 1.6J communication protocol and supports multiple connection methods such as LAN, WIFI, and 4G, allowing operators to monitor and manage charging equipment remotely, and users can easily use the commercial APP to Complete paid charging, thus providing a convenient and efficient charging service.

Bluesky CDZ-U Series charging pile:

Bluesky CDZ-U Series

Bluesky CDZ-U Series charging pile not only performs well technically, but its design is also full of humane considerations.

Safe and efficient: The waterproof and dustproof function combined with CE certification ensures the safe and reliable operation of the charging pile in various environments.

Charging data transparency: The addition of a touch screen makes the operation interface more friendly. Users can view the charging status and current data in real time, ensuring the transparency and controllability of the charging process.

This highly user-friendly design and powerful functions make Bluesky CDZ-U Series 7KW very popular in the market, providing a stable and reliable charging solution whether for home or commercial use.

Bluesky CDZ-BG Series charging pile:

Bluesky CDZ-BG Series

Bluesky CDZ-BG Series charging pile improves efficiency while also creating higher economic benefits for operators through its dual-gun configuration design.

Double benefits: This charging pile can charge two vehicles at the same time, significantly increasing the vehicle throughput of the charging station.

Efficient and safe: The safe fast charging function and MID meter are equipped further to enhance the safety and efficiency of the charging process so that each charging can be completed efficiently and safely.

This design not only meets the needs of high-frequency use in commercial environments but also provides users with convenient and fast charging services.

Bluesky CDZ-O Series charging pile:

Bluesky CDZ-O Series

The design concept of the Bluesky CDZ-O Series charging pile is full of creativity and emotional meaning.

Deep meaning: Its unique full moon shape is not only beautiful but also symbolizes reunion and harmony, making this charging pile unique in the market.

Strong functionality: The equipped three-color LED prompt light not only improves the intuitiveness of the user interface but also reflects the operating status of the charging pile in real time. Whether it is on standby, charging, or malfunctioning, users can get clear information the first time. feedback.

Good appearance: In addition, the multi-color design scheme makes the charging pile not only a charging device but also a work of art that can be customized according to the user’s individual needs, satisfying the user’s pursuit of beauty and personalization while maintaining the High performance and reliability of the equipment.

Multiple colors available, support any color system. It is waterproof and easy to wash. After the rain, it is another exquisite piece of art.

Bluesky CDZ-EN Series charging pile and the Bluesky CDZ-ANR Series :

Bluesky CDZ-EN and CDZ-ANR Series

The Bluesky CDZ-EN Series charging pile and the Bluesky CDZ-ANR Series charging pile are custom-made enclosures exclusive to the customer.

OEM: We provide OEM services, we are only responsible for assembly and production, not sales.

Size: We provide the internal original dimensions of the EV charger, such as screen size, control panel size, indicator light size, card reader size, emergency stop size, waterproof plug size, etc.

Design: The customer’s designer will design and then discuss with our engineers based on the 3D drawings whether the installation distance of the internal components is appropriate.

Test: Carry out mold printing and choose the material for proofing. Our factory will assemble all components of the mold. Will testing affect the normal operation of the function? Testing for water and dust resistance, etc.

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