How EV charging realizes three-phase power collection?

EV charging with HLW8032 chip enables three-phase power collection for efficient charging.

One of the key components in EV charging infrastructure is the charging pile, which enables users to charge their vehicles conveniently. In recent years, there has been a significant development in technology that allows EV charging to utilize three-phase power collection for efficient charging. This article will explore how this technology works and its benefits.

HLW8032 non-isolated sampling method

HLW8032 Chip Technology

At the heart of this three-phase power collection is the HLW8032 chip. It incorporates a high-precision analog-to-digital converter (ADC) that accurately captures voltage and current waveforms.

The HLW8032 chip plays a crucial role in allowing EV charging to efficiently collect three-phase power for charging EVs. This chip enables real-time monitoring of voltage and current, which ensures optimal power utilization during the charging process.

Three-Phase Power Collection Explained

To understand how three-phase power collection works, it’s important to first grasp the concept of three-phase electricity. Unlike single-phase electricity commonly found in households, three-phase electricity consists of three alternating currents that are out-of-sync by 120 degrees with each other.

Three-phase power collection involves harnessing these out-of-sync currents from different phases simultaneously to maximize overall energy transfer efficiency. By utilizing all three phases simultaneously, more electrical energy can be transferred compared to single or two-phase systems.

Efficient Charging with Three-Phase Power Collection

By implementing HLW8032 chips in EV charging, efficient utilization of available electrical energy becomes possible through intelligent management algorithms. These algorithms ensure that all phases are utilized evenly during vehicle charging sessions.

One advantage of using three-phase power collection is faster charging times compared to traditional single or two-phase systems. The three-phase power collection enables higher charging currents, resulting in reduced charging times for EVs. This is particularly beneficial for businesses or public charging stations where faster turnover of charged vehicles is essential.

Furthermore, three-phase power collection also allows for the distribution of energy across multiple vehicles simultaneously. This means that multiple EVs can be charged at the same time without compromising on the overall charging speed. For example, a four-port charging pile utilizing three-phase power collection can charge four vehicles efficiently and quickly.

Another benefit of three-phase power collection is its ability to ensure an even load distribution across all phases. By evenly distributing the load, it prevents overloading on any single phase and minimizes voltage drop issues. This results in a more stable and reliable charging process.

Chip pin diagram

Integration with Smart Grid Technology

The HLW8032 chip technology used in EV charging can also integrate seamlessly with smart grid systems. By integrating with smart grid technology, EV charging equipped with HLW8032 chips can communicate with utility companies or grid operators to access real-time electricity pricing information or the availability of renewable energy sources.

This integration not only benefits end-users by providing cost-saving opportunities but also contributes towards better overall management of electricity demand on the grid system.


The development and implementation of HLW8032 chip technology have revolutionized how electric vehicle EV charging collects three-phase power efficiently. By utilizing this technology, EV owners can enjoy faster charging times while reducing strain on electrical grids through even load distribution techniques.

As we continue to transition towards sustainable transportation solutions such as electric vehicles, advancements like these in EV infrastructure will play a vital role in making clean transportation more accessible and convenient for everyone.

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