How far do you think gas stations can go with the current trend?

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With the rapid development of new energy vehicles, the hot topic of discussion now is the current trend, how far can gas stations go? On this issue, some people think that the era of fuel vehicles should be replaced, and some people think that new energy vehicles want to exceed fuel vehicles, and there is still a long way to go. The market now has gas stations, gas stations, charging stations, and hydrogen refueling stations four parts, for car filling. With the blessing of so many plates, will the gas station be completely replaced?

1. The development direction of gas stations is changing

First of all, at present, not all areas are suitable for the use of new energy vehicles. New energy now has another direction of development, many gas stations are equipped with charging piles, and gas stations are also required to increase the hydrogenation business, if implemented, gas stations will not only close, but the business will increase. As a project advocated by the new five-year Plan, business expansion is imminent, and it is easy for gas stations to become refueling and hydrogen refueling stations. With the country’s efforts to hydrogen energy, the business of hydrogen refueling stations will flourish. Gas stations will switch to hydrogen. With the promotion of all parties, hydrogen energy will usher in a wave of development that is visible. Whether it’s adding electricity or adding hydrogen. Gas stations are also trying to transform. It is possible to transform it into an integrated energy service site.

Now the popularity of gas stations is also very wide, whether it is the location or layout is relatively scientific; From towns to cities and highways, from point to line to surface, this network can be used to transform into a comprehensive energy service network, not just refueling. Therefore, there are still great advantages in the future transformation of gas stations.

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2. There are still many shortcomings in new energy trams, which cannot replace fuel vehicles

In addition, objectively speaking, trams do have many advantages, such as car intelligence, environmental protection, economy, and so on. However, in some cases, trams can not replace fuel vehicles, such as low temperatures, no electricity, or some natural disasters. However, because of the working principle of the engine, the internal combustion engine is powerful, easy to store, easy to use, and flexible, making it easy to cope in any environment. Because we do not see the innovation of battery technology in the short term

At present, what is known is hydrogen fuel cells and solid-state batteries, although the time has improved greatly, the cost of building charging piles is also large.

Hydrogen fuel cell cost storage is a problem The cost of solid-state batteries is also too high, and the cost is more expensive, and the high-power charging speed, the transformer has to be replaced.

The network layout of gas stations has changed

3. The network layout of gas stations has changed

New energy vehicles replace fuel vehicles. Then the problem is that the number of refueling vehicles is reduced, the number of customers is reduced, the income is reduced, and the loss will inevitably lead to the closure of the gas station.

Because of the large size of large gas stations, they can save expenses by integrating resources and merging stations with similar distances, and can also carry out unmanned transformation and engage in self-service gas stations to reduce personnel expenses. The network structure remains stable. It’s just that the outlets may not be as dense as before, and the queues may be slightly more frequent during peak periods.

Some small oil stations may continue to lose money because of the reduction in the number of refueling vehicles, some may go bankrupt directly, and more should be transferred and relocated to fill the blind area of refueling outlets generated by the integration of large gas stations. It can also use the gas station site to transform charging stations, service areas, and other functions to focus on diversified development.

As it stands, it is too early for gas stations to be replaced.

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