How Much to Build a Solar EV Charging Station?

With the continuous improvement of solar, energy storage, new energy vehicles, and charging facilities,

more and more “solar +energy storage +EV charging” combination is increasingly applied to the market.

solar charing station

In China, the state and various administrative regions have introduced some “sola storage charging” support policies to encourage the construction of integrated multi-functional comprehensive charging stations in solar EV charging stations.

Policy empowerment,

the pilot application of optical storage charge charging stations to support the high-quality development of the electric vehicle industry,

helps to achieve the goal of “carbon peak, carbon neutralization”.

Solar EV charging station market prospects

The upstream and downstream manufacturers are involved in the integrated construction of solar storage charging,

that is, solar power generation power storage charging integration, and coordinated green charging model.

By configuring the energy storage system, it can achieve peak -to -peak -filled valley, maintain the stability of the power grid,

and then use the charging pile through charging piles to Provide “green power” for new energy electric vehicles,

effectively alleviating the impact of large-scale charging banks on the local area grid.

Based on the integration of solar storage charge, it can reduce the use of traditional energy,

reduce pollution gas emissions, improve energy utilization, and achieve long-term sustainable economic benefits.

In the first half of 2022, China’s New Energy Vehicle exceeded 10 million units, and the industry developed rapidly.

In 2030, China’s new energy vehicles will reach 83 million vehicles,

and the equivalent energy storage capacity will reach 5 billion kilowatt-hours.

By then, the vehicle charging demand will account for 6%to 7%of social power consumption. The maximum charging load will account for the power grid load. The 11%~ 12%,

which is particularly important to lay out the load of the power grid in advance to relieve the loading station of the solar EV charging station in advance.

In fact, in the electric vehicle industry, such as Tesla, power batteries such as Ningde,

charging pile manufacturers such as Bluesky and other industrial chains have been engaged in constructing an integrated charging stations in solar EV charging stations.

solar ev charging
Solar EV charging station

What is a solar EV charging station?

Outside of the charging station, use solar power generation. The electric energy transformed into solar energy is stored in energy storage facilities to charge electric vehicles. In fact, charging stations with the function of “solar charging” is not new. In 2016, there was an exploration in this area.

Solar EV charging stations’ advantage is to get electricity below the power grid price.

How much does it cost to build a Solar EV charging station?

Let’s raise a list below.

Take 50kW solar, 200kWh energy storage, and 6 EV charging piles as an example.

Single crystal silicon solar board 455W, a conversion efficiency of 20%, a total of 110 pieces, a total installed capacity of solar components of 50,050W, and a daily power generation of solar components of 250kWh.

  1. A total of 220 m²  in the car shed, a total of 12 parking spaces (3 m*6 m), plus other auxiliary materials (convergence boxes, power distribution boxes, cables, car shed steel structures, etc.). About RMB 300,000 (about USD44,000).
  2. 200kW Energy storage battery needs to use lithium iron phosphate batteries, and complete systems to protect PCS, fire, container, and other materials, costing about RMB650,000 (about USD96,000).
  3. 6 EV charging piles (60kW double-gun) and supporting cables, the charging pile cost is about RMB230,000 (about USD 34,000).

Total: The total cost of a solar EV charging station is about RMB 1,180,000 (about USD174,000)

(The above cost does not include construction costs).

solar charging

Solar EV charging stations’ safety issue.

On the whole, the solar EV charging station is still in the early stages of development, and the investment recycling period of a single charging station is about 5-6 years.

The current problem that the solar EV charging station is facing is not overlooked in addition to the high construction cost and long investment recycling period.

In the integrated charging station of the solar storage charging, the solar grid-connected power generation system is an extremely important part. It is composed of solar board arrays, wiring boxes, inverters, etc.

The core of the system is the solar grid-connected inverter.

While the solar system is generated, it also causes the problem of leakage. The leakage is directly related to the charging vehicle and the power grid is personal safety. Once the leakage occurs, the consequences are unimaginable.

The integration of solar storage is an important technology and basic equipment for building a new type of power system. It is also a key support for achieving the “Dual Carbon” goal. Security is an important prerequisite for developing solar storage charging integration, strengthening the safety management of power stations, and is of great significance for building a new type of power system and achieving the goal of “dual carbon”.

Note: “Double Carbon” is the abbreviation of carbon daemon and carbon neutrality. The two stages of carbon emission reduction proposed by China are referred to as “double carbon”. The goal is to strive for carbon dioxide emissions in 2030 and to work hard to achieve carbon neutrality in 2060.

What is the future of solar  EV charging stations

At present, the large-scale promotion and application of integrated charging stations of solar storage EV charging stations have formed a certain market scale, and there is still a long way to go.

After solving costs, technology, and safety issues, based on the continuous increase of new energy vehicles,

it is expected that the integrated solar EV charging station will usher in a period of rapid development.

If you are interested in a solar EV charging station, you can contact the BlueSky team. They are willing to answer your questions, and they can also provide you with a comprehensive solution for you to build a solar EV charging station.


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