How to choose a home AC EV charging cable?

Usually, the specifications of AC EV charging cable vary. When we install charging piles, the selection of cables must fully consider the power and flow capacity of the charging pile.

The thickness of the wiring harness of the charging pile can not be unified, mainly by the charging pile’s electrical storage capacity and the voltage borne by the wiring harness in the circulation of electricity to determine, in general, whether the charging pile wire is much thicker than other wires.

When choosing a household AC EV charging cable, we need to consider the following factors, voltage level, charging pile power, and power point distance.

The household charging pile is an AC pile, and the voltage level is 220 volts, if the charging pile power is 7 kW, we need to use three core six square pure copper cable, model YJV3*6 square, if the PowerPoint distance is more than 200 meters, you need to consider the use of three core + square, model YJV3*10 square cable.

When we use three-phase electricity, the voltage level is 380-volt cable, you need to choose five core ten square pure copper cable, model YJV5*10 square, of which five core cables are three live wire, one neutral wire, and one ground wire.

In addition, we can also choose to use aluminum core cables, but for the safety of electricity, when using aluminum core cables, the cable needs to be increased by two numbers, and finally, to ensure the safety of electricity, it is recommended that we use cables produced by regular manufacturers. Different brands of charging piles have different regulations, according to the requirements of the brand.

Electric vehicle AC charging cable

Some may ask why the longer the distance, the thicker the line.

Because the cable also has resistance, the farther the distance, the greater the resistance, the thicker the cable is used to reduce the resistance and ensure the current, that is, to ensure the charging power.

The choice of material

Some charging pile cables on the market will crack under low-temperature conditions, the selection of charging cables should include the outer insulation, the sheath using thermoplastic elastomer insulation TPE, strong temperature resistance, even in the cold winter can maintain good elasticity, no cracks do not crack, to meet the requirements of cold areas. The selection of cable needs to consider the characteristics of UV resistance, ozone resistance, chemical erosion resistance, and weather resistance, and has the mechanical properties of special bending, bending, and vehicle rolling experiments, and can be used well to adapt to various harsh environments, long service life and other advantages.

AC charging pile cable

Factors such as vehicle type, charging power, and installation environment need to be considered when selecting charging cables to ensure that the selection of cables meets the requirements of charging piles and can achieve safe, fast, and efficient charging. At the same time, to ensure the safety of charging, the installation of the charging pile cable needs to be carried out in strict accordance with the specifications, and professionals will conduct installation testing.

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