How to choose a home EV charger?

With the rising adoption of electric cars, the charging infrastructure is attached to immense importance. Nevertheless, public fast charging imposes intense pressure on the power grid, and it costs more. How to choose a home EV charger?

1. Power supply

Is it possible for you to get 220V power input when you want to install a 7kw EV charger at home? Is it possible for you to apply for 380V power input when you want to install an 11kw or 22kw EV charger at home? In China, some people can apply for three phases, but some cannot. In Russia, some do not have access to electricity while some have. So, make sure the power supply you can get.

2. Charging Speed

1) OBC is the abbreviation for an on-board charger which is used to change the alternate current (AC, from the power grid)into direct current(DC, which can be stored in a battery). Do you have OBC in your car? If not, you cannot choose an AC charger, such as NIO ET7 and ET5. If you have, the power of OBC decides the power of the AC EV charger.

2)  After making sure that there is OBC in your EV, then you also need to consider the battery capacity to make the right decision about the selection of the power of home use EV charger. For example, the power in AC the OBC can accept is 11kw in Tesla Model Y. The battery capacity of the Tesla Model Y Standard Range is 54kwh. In this way, whether you have access to three-phase electricity, the charging time is acceptable. But if you have bought a Rivian R1T Explorer Optional version of which the OBC accepts power in AC is 19.2kw, this is another situation: when using a 7kw charger, it will take 15 hours! So, the better choice is to install an 11kw charger when you are not limited to single-phase electricity, which only takes 9.6 hours to fully charge.

Different power, different charging time
Different power, different charging time

3. With cable or socket type

There is inevitably something like some robbers will cut down charging cables to make profits and the damage to the charging gun results from casual handling of the charging gun or severe weather. That is why here comes the socket type. But you can choose the cable type if the charging gun is not fragile.

For home-use EV chargers, Bluesky has diverse options for you and our three-phase charger can support single-phase input.

CDZ-P series


CDZ-U series CDZ-C series CDZ-E series CDZ-O series


Compact size and matte texture


Can be equipped with a 4.3-inch screen ☆Cable type and socket type optional

☆Can be equipped with 2 guns or sockets

Special gun holster for Type 2 Exclusive design with light strips


3.5/7/11/22kW output available 3.5/7/11/22kW output available


3.5/7/11/22kW output available


3.5/7/11/22kW output available 3.5/7kW output available

E series

The starting method is up to you:

  • Plug in and charge
  • Swipe card
  • APP control

Bluesky specially designs a home use APP named WOW Charge which you can download from Google Play and Apple Store. The function of WOW Charge includes:

  • Bluetooth connection
  • Current adjustable
  • Schedule charging: One timer or Periodic timing


The selection of a home-use charger requires full consideration. The surroundings including the power supply and the installation location, the configuration of your EV including the power OBC accepts and battery capacity, and whether it is safe, convenient, and economical for you. Bluesky is committed to providing reliable home charging solutions. Welcome to inquire!


I am an end-user.

1. Q: If I buy an AC EV charger for home use from you, can you guide me through the procedures of installation?

A: Yes, we can guide you but still it is better to have an electrician to help you with that.

2. Q: Is the home use APP free if I buy a charger from you?

A: Yes, it is free for all our customers.

3. Q: If I want to give charging access to my employees as a bonus, what should I do?

A: Tell them about the password for Bluetooth connection or give them RFID cards to initiate charging. Generally, we can send you 2 cards as a gift and we can give you a card sender to issue a card yourself.

I am a dealer.

1. Q: I am a retailer, and I want to buy your chargers to resell, can you use my logo?

A: Yes, the logo and color are customizable.

2. Can you use a specially designed package?

A: Yes, we can but we need extra charge.

3. I want an exclusive exterior for the home-use charger. Can you cooperate with me to manufacture it?

Q: Yes, but you need to consider the size of our inner parts and pay for the tooling fees.

4. A: What is the language of your home use APP?

Q: Now we support English, Hebrew, and Chinese. We can develop more.

5. Q: What is the warranty of your home use EV charger? Can it be extended?

A: The warranty is 2 years, and the extension of the warranty is acceptable but needs an extra charge.

6. A: What kind of support you can offer if we cooperate?

Q: If there is anything wrong with our charger resulting from our side, we will send replaceable parts to you for free. We have our after-sales team to be responsible for that. Where there is our customer, there is our support.

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