How to choose a location to build a charging station in China?

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How to choose the location for charging stations in China? Today Bluesky will take you to find out.

1. Places with a large flow of new energy vehicles

The number of new energy vehicles in each city is different. Taxis, online ride-hailing, Lalamove, and buses are slowly being replaced by more energy-saving and environmentally friendly new energy vehicles. We can choose to place it in the city center or a suitable place on an important traffic thoroughfare.

What is a traffic artery?

Parking lots of some large shopping malls, passenger transport centers, parking lots around commercial streets, parking lots around train stations, parking lots around train stations, etc.

2. Surrounding infrastructure

Taxi and truck drivers are in a hurry, and the charging peak at charging stations is generally between 11 noon and 1 pm, which happens to be lunchtime. Many drivers will choose to charge during this period. , have lunch while charging. Therefore, there should be dining places around the place where the station is built, or if the venue is convenient, fast food service can be provided to the drivers.

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3. Whether the site can meet the power supply needs

When the location of the site is good, whether it can meet the power of the transformer required for building the site and the distance of the PowerPoint are also the key to the investment cost. The closer the power point is, the smaller the amount of cables we need, but the upfront investment cost will increase.

4. Nature of the land and its useful life

After meeting the three conditions, we can discuss the rent and the nature of the land. You must know that the nature of the land must be industrial, commercial, or construction land. Do not choose agricultural, forestry, animal husbandry, or fishery land! And the lease term should be signed as long as possible, usually 8-10 years.

5. Site drainage

Because the charging pile is an energized device, if the drainage is improper, leakage is likely to occur, which will cause serious harm. The place where the charging pile is installed should have smooth drainage, and you can choose a higher-lying site to prevent water accumulation. It should not be located in low-lying areas or places where water may accumulate to avoid sensitive components such as circuit boards coming into contact with water during later use, which may lead to vehicle failure or electric shock to personnel.

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6. Local policies

Of course, there are also investors and operators of charging stations who want to build charging stations in other parts of the country. When deciding where to choose a location, understanding the policies of different regions and choosing the corresponding charging infrastructure is also one of the factors to consider when selecting a location.

Finally, site selection is extremely important. When building a site, certain fire protection requirements should be met, and corresponding anti-collision facilities should be considered. Of course, the above conditions do not have to be met before building and investing in charging stations. Instead, they should be met as much as possible to maximize the advantages of charging stations, thereby reducing investment and increasing revenue. Although site selection is important, it is not an absolute factor. Later operations are also very important. I hope this sharing can help you find a high-quality charging station that is both suitable and promising.

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