How to connect POS machine to communication box system?

Let’s learn together about how to connect POS machines and use them in our management system!

The use of credit cards and bank cards has become very popular, especially in foreign countries. The use of credit cards is very frequent.

For this reason, the communication box system has designed a mechanism for bank card consumption with POS machines for customers to use bank cards for consumption.

1. Binding of POS machine

The current POS machines supported by the communication box system include the PAX series and the OPAY series.

Gas stations need to bind the POS machine in advance before they can use the POS machine to process bank card purchases for customers.

The binding interface is shown in the figure below:

POS machine display

The current interface is the POS machine display interface bound to all sites. On the interface, you can see the POS number bound to each site and its corresponding password.

When the user logs in to the POS machine, the system will automatically check whether the code exists. , and whether the password is correct.

The POS machine-adding process is shown in the figure below:

pos machine adding process

The user can select a site and enter the code of the POS machine in its coding column.

The two lines below it are the POS machine manufacturer type and POS machine login password.

After the input is completed, the information can be displayed in the display interface.

2. Consumption and use of Pos

pos machine login interface

As shown in the picture above, when the user opens the POS machine, he needs to enter the login password.

The communication box center system will automatically detect whether the POS code and the login password are consistent.

After the verification is passed, the main interface of the POS machine will be displayed. If it fails, an error message will be displayed.

pos machine consumption interface

The main interface currently has only three interfaces, namely transaction record bank card consumption, self-made IC card consumption, and self-made IC card stored value.

Bank card consumption mainly allows users to select transaction records for deduction processing. As shown below:

POS machine consumption corresponding information

When the user logs in successfully, the POS machine automatically reads the site information corresponding to the current POS machine.

Therefore, in the transaction record selection interface, the user only needs to select the gun number and click Query.

The system will automatically return the last 5 transactions corresponding to the gun number of the current site.

Records, the records are records that bank cards have not been consumed, and records that bank cards have been deducted will not be displayed on this interface.

After the user completes the query, click on one of the transaction records, and the system will automatically pop up the corresponding transaction record information.

After clicking OK, it will interact with the bank card processing system corresponding to the POS machine.

The user only needs to install the prompt to insert the card. Complete bank card consumption processing. The interface is as shown below:

POS machine consumption confirmation

When the bank card consumption is completed, the POS machine first prints two POS consumption lists and then prints two transaction record lists again for customers to view and save.

POS machine consumption list

When all operations are completed, when the system administrator queries the transaction record, the system will display the transaction record as a POS transaction record for the administrator to perform reconciliation operations.

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