How to deal with diesel waxing in winter?

Diesel oil will appear waxy in winter, and car owners will start to worry that once waxed, the diesel car will not start, which will be a very bad thing!

Diesel oil easy to wax in winter

Why is diesel oil easy to wax in winter?

When diesel oil is at the temperature cloud point, that is, as the temperature rises, it will appear turbid. The high melting point involved is that the paraffin precipitates out in the form of flakes or needles. These crystals gradually increase and pass through their water chestnuts. Lianjie forms a triangular network structure, absorbs or wraps low-melting point oils in it, and makes the oil lose its fluidity. When only 0.5~2.0% of the paraffin in the diesel is precipitated, will solidify!

add diesel

In order to solve the problem of diesel wax deposition, some car owners even use some very dangerous means, especially the following methods!

Mistake 1: Roasting the oil tank with an open flame

After entering the winter, many car owners want to increase the temperature of the fuel tank by baking the fuel tank with an open flame to prevent the waxing of the diesel oil, but it is very dangerous to bake the fuel tank with an open flame. Because the ignition is likely to cause the fuel tank to explode and cause a fire, it is time-consuming, laborious, and extremely dangerous.

Mistake 2: Diesel mixed with gasoline

Some car owners say that mixing diesel oil with gasoline can also prevent the waxing, but the risk is also extremely high, because the ignition point of diesel oil is 220°C, while the ignition point of gasoline is as high as 427°C, and the combustion speed of gasoline is extremely fast. If diesel oil and gasoline are used together, it will be difficult to start the vehicle, and the engine will also knock, which will also easily affect the life of the engine. Also, gasoline is flammable and explosive, while diesel is relatively safe. If it is directly mixed, there will be Security risks.

Mistake 3: Diesel mixed with kerosene

In order to prevent diesel vehicles from waxing in winter, many car owners will mix diesel with some kerosene, but if the ratio is not used properly, it will cause great damage to diesel vehicles. Even if the ratio is correct for a long time, it will affect the engine parts!

Correct way

1. Add the corresponding grade of diesel oil according to the temperature

6 grades according to the freezing point

Model Name Proper Temperature(℃)
5# 8℃+
0# 8℃~4℃
-10# 4℃~-5℃
-20# -5℃~-14℃
-35# -14℃~-29℃
-50# -29℃~-44℃ or lower than this temperature
2. Use anticoagulant

The special anticoagulant for diesel can effectively reduce.

3. Add standard diesel oil

The dosage of non-standard diesel oil with excessive wax content is uncertain, and it is easier to wax in winter.

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