How to implement remote locking of fuel dispenser

With the continuous development of technology, Bluesky fuel dispensers have gradually become intelligent. Among them, the emergence of fuel dispenser remote lock technology makes the operation of fuel dispensers more convenient and safer. This article will introduce the principles and related technologies of remote locking.

New fuel dispensers

The definition and function of remote locking of fuel dispenser

Technology to realize remote control and tanker locking through the network or wireless communication technology. Its functions mainly include the following aspects:

  • Safety operation: When an abnormality occurs in the fuel dispenser, the operation can be stopped in time through remote locking to avoid accidents.
  • Convenience: Operators can control and monitor the tanker at any time and place through remote lock technology to improve management efficiency.

Principle of remote locking of fuel dispenser

  • Single-chip microcomputer technology: Through the main chip on the main board of the tanker, functions such as starting refueling, stopping, and presetting the amount are realized, and the operating status of the tanker is monitored in real-time.
  • Network communication technology: Through network communication technology, the running data of the microcontroller is transmitted to the remote control terminal to realize the monitoring and control of the tanker.
  • Control algorithm: By analyzing and processing the numbers output by the microcontroller, it is judged whether the fuel dispenser has exceeded its service life. If it is found that the conditions set by itself have been exceeded, a remote lock command will be triggered.
  • Remote control terminal: Operators can remotely control and monitor the tanker through the remote control terminal. The remote control terminal can be a personal computer, mobile phone, tablet, or other device.

fuel dispenser panel

Implementation steps of remote locking of fuel dispenser

Divided into the following steps:

  • Microcontroller data: Through the chip on the tanker’s main board, the tanker’s operating status and setting parameters are obtained.
  • Data transmission: Transmit the operating status data of the tanker to the remote control terminal through the network.
  • Data analysis and processing: Analyze and process the information data of the tanker on the remote terminal to determine whether the service life of the tanker has expired.
  • Remote lock command trigger: If the tanker needs to be locked and cannot be used anymore, the remote control terminal will trigger the remote lock command to stop the operation of the tanker.
  • Remote locking and monitoring: Operators can remotely control and monitor the tanker through the remote control terminal, such as starting and ending refueling, time correction, etc.

Other functions of remote locking of fuel dispenser

  • Time lock: Send a date through a command. When the time arrives, the refueling machine will automatically lock.
  • Direct lock: When the tanker receives the lock command, the tanker will lock directly.
  • Use count lock: Send a count setting through a command. When the number of uses of the refueling machine exceeds the set value, the refueling machine will directly lock the machine.

With the development of industry and artificial intelligence, tanker remote locking technology will be further applied and improved. The tankers will be more intelligent, and remote lock technology will be standard equipment to improve safety and confidentiality.

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