How to improve the sales staff’s sales skills?

Improving your salespeople’s sales skills is key to interacting directly with customers and closing deals. In any business, the sales team is a critical component of its success. Here are 10 ways to interact with customers and close the deal in one fell swoop.

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1. Direct request method

After the salesperson gets the customer’s buying signal, he directly proposes the transaction. When using the direct request method, try to avoid being too hasty. The key is to get clear buying signals from customers. For example: “Mr. Wang, since you have no other opinions, let’s sign the order now.”

When you request a transaction, you must remain silent and wait for the customer’s reaction. Do not say another word, because your words may immediately attract the customer’s attention and make the transaction fail.

2. Choose one of the two methods

The salesperson provides the customer with two solutions to the problem. No matter which one the customer chooses, it is the result we want to achieve. Using this method, customers should be able to avoid the question of “Should they want it or not?” and instead allow the customer to answer the question of “Should they do A or B?” For example: “Do you like white or red?” “Are you signing today or tomorrow?” “Are you paying by card or cash?” Note that when guiding customers to complete a transaction, do not propose more than two choices, because Too many choices can confuse customers.

3. Summarize the benefit transaction method

Display all the actual benefits brought about by the transaction between the customer and yourself in front of the customer, sort the matters that the customer cares about, and then closely combine the characteristics of the product with the customer’s concerns to summarize all the interests that the customer is most concerned about. Encourage customers to reach final agreements.

4. Preferential transaction method

The preferential transaction method, also known as the concession transaction method, refers to a method in which sales staff encourage customers to purchase immediately by providing preferential conditions. When using these preferential policies, sales staff should pay attention to three points:

(1) Make the customer feel that he is special. Your discount is only for him, making the customer feel that he is noble and unusual.

(2) Never give discounts casually, otherwise customers will make further demands until the bottom line is unacceptable to you.

(3) Show that your power is limited and you need to ask for instructions from above: “I’m sorry, within my processing authority, I can only give you this price.” Then the conversation changed, “However, because you are my old customer, I can ask the manager for instructions and give you some additional discounts. But our kind of discounts are difficult to get, so I can only do my best.” In this way, the customer’s expectations will not be too high, and even if he does not get the discount, he will feel like you did your best and you will not be blamed.

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5. Pre-frame viewing method

Before the customer makes a request, the salesperson determines a good result for the customer, and at the same time recognizes and appreciates the customer, so that the customer will do what they say, such as: “Our course is for those who are determined and want to break through themselves. Used by people who want to improve their sales performance. I believe that you are not the kind of person who doesn’t like learning and doesn’t strive for improvement.”

6. The method of stimulating generals

The motivating method is to use customers’ competitiveness and self-esteem to urge them to buy products. When the salesperson is irritating the other person, he should appear calm and natural so that the other person will not see that you are “irritating” him.

7. Follow the herd transaction method

Customers are reluctant to take risks when purchasing products. Customers are generally skeptical of any new product that has not been tried by others and do not dare to choose it easily. They tend to trust and like products that are recognized by everyone.

8. Cherish the loss of transaction method

Take advantage of the “fear of not being able to buy” mentality. The more people cannot get or buy something, the more they want to get it and buy it. This is the weakness of human nature. Once customers realize there is a rare opportunity to purchase this product, they will take action immediately. The method of closing the deal is to seize the customer’s psychology of “gaining joy and suffering loss”, and exert a certain amount of pressure on customers to urge them to make a purchase decision promptly. Generally, you can do this from the following aspects:

(1) Limited quantity, mainly similar to “the purchased quantity is limited, if you want to buy it, hurry up”.

(2) Limited time, mainly to enjoy discounts within a specified time.

(3) Limited service, mainly because you will enjoy better service within a specified number.

(4) Price limits are mainly targeted at products that are subject to price increases.

In short, we must carefully consider the consumer objects and consumer psychology and then set up the most effective transaction method to avoid losing money. Of course, this method cannot be abused casually or made out of nothing, otherwise, you will eventually lose customers.

9. Losing the Dharma due to small things

A small mistake can lead to the worst consequences. Through this kind of pressure that strengthens “bad results”, customers are stimulated and forced to close the deal.

10. Pressing the deal step by step

Many customers tend to procrastinate before making a purchase. They’ll say, “I’ll think about it again.”

When good salespeople encounter pushback from customers, they will first agree with their point of view. Ask your question: “I’d like to know what you’re considering, is my company’s credibility?”

Continuously ask questions layer by layer, and finally, let the other person tell you what he is worried about. As long as you can solve the customer’s questions, closing the deal will become a natural thing.

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