How to intelligently manage gas station convenience stores

Nowadays, some gas stations are over-buying goods to expand sales of non-oil products. At the same time, it is difficult for the goods sold to meet the consumption needs of consumers, resulting in a backlog of excess inventory at gas station convenience stores.

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In addition, many gas station convenience stores do not focus on inventory management of goods.

Slow shipments and untimely returns are common. This can lead to overstock, depreciation, expiration, and spoilage.

Intelligent systems

The gas station non-oil commodity information management system adopts the commonly used B/S architecture.

The development language is Java.

The database uses convenient and efficient Mysql.

This enables the management of non-oil commodities on the website.

gas station convenience stores

On the one hand, it unshackles time and space, and on the other hand, it avoids managing data on the sales of non-oil commodities.

The non-oil commodity management system is simple, practical, and safe,

and can efficiently and accurately complete the whole process of purchase, sales, and inventory management.

The non-oil commodity management system will greatly improve the efficiency of goods in and out and income and expenditure through efficient and rigorous information recording and circulation.

At the same time, it is precisely because of the use of the management system that more staff can be freed up to devote more energy to other aspects,

and it is also convenient for customers who come to consume.

7-Eleven Convenience Store

Established in 1973, 7-Eleven Convenience Store is Japan’s largest retailer and has overcome a series of adverse conditions to achieve great success amid the economic downturn in the entire Japanese economy.

7-Eleven owes this success first to its modern technology and careful strategic management.

In terms of management alone, we believe that it would not have been so successful, thanks to its successful use of electronic management technology.

7-Eleven has never been stingy with budgets on electronic management and has been successfully using POS systems since the early 80s.

In 1992, staff made four improvements to the information management system.

With the help of Microsoft, the information management system was successfully developed. The software regularly monitors the system and can automatically restart the system when the system crashes.

This management system is used for quality control, price setting, and product improvement, and customer requirements are analyzed from this data.

Some convenience store management systems have already started, and through interaction with customers, they can obtain more trend-oriented information.

7-Eleven Convenience Store

A modern complete system of gas stations

Build a unified management platform to accurately collect data such as fuel tanks, fuel nozzle, and fuel dispensers, and achieve accurate measurement through intelligent models.

It is necessary to support the linkage of data in various systems and realize the supervision of the whole business process through the close correlation of business data, reduce losses, and improve oil quality.

It can strengthen data governance and application, fully release the potential of data,

improve operation management efficiency and quality, and maximize the benefits of gas stations.

Need to support the digital management of non-oil inventory, replenishment, return, and transfer at gas stations.

Gas stations support non-oil inventory and historical invoicing data queries.

Through the application of intelligent tools, improve the management ability of non-oil business of convenience stores.

1. It is necessary to support refined member operations, improve the operation effect of gas stations, enhance brand image, and improve the profit growth ability of gas stations.

2. It can build an oil-non-integrated system to support unified management and automatic reconciliation of oil product and non-oil bill data.

3. It can support online payment, self-service terminal payment, POS machine payment, and ETC senseless payment, as well as the custom addition of special payment methods.

In this way, cashiers can diversify and improve the efficiency and quality of customer service.

In addition, it can also dock the invoicing system to support customer electronic invoicing and improve customer satisfaction.

Modern complete system of gas stations

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