How to manage 100 gas stations through one system?

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Bluesky, a leading provider of gas station equipment and management systems, can provide a lot of different kinds of solutions to our clients,

like card payment systems, radio frequency identification device systems, automatic tank gauging, and convenience retail.

Today in this article, I will introduce how to use the Joy fueling management system to manage multiple gas stations, if you own 100 gas stations, how do you do it?

Traditionally, there are a lot of accounting employees from each gas station. Firstly, the attendant will record each fueling data when they work, after getting off work,

those accounting employees will collect all the fueling records, sum up all the data, to have a final sum number, and then give it to the gas station owner.

gas station data easily

There are 3 disadvantages to this kind of statistical pattern:

1. Need to hire a lot of accounting employees, the gas station owner needs to pay a high salary

2. Different accounting employees have varying abilities. In case some people make mistakes, the accuracy of the data will be affected

3. It is already so troublesome to count the data of one gas station, what happens if we want to count the data of 100 gas stations?

But if you use our Joy fueling management system, then those troubles will gone, as we have introduced in my other article, this system has station software and also a central system, the central system can control all data from the station retail software, because all the data will be uploaded to the Amazon cloud server.

So as a gas station owner, you only need to open one website ( using your laptop, enter the user name and password, and then you can check gas station data easily.

There are 3 advantages compared with manual reconciliation:

1. No need for so many accounting employees, a high-performance cost ratio.

2. the accuracy of the data is assured.

3. The gas station owner can check all their gas station data easily, anytime, anywhere.

4. The data can be a horizontal comparison to know the difference between each station’s business.

station's business

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