How to match the resistance of the can bus connector?

Can communication be a way of data interaction between vehicles and charging piles? There are five stages of communication between the vehicle and the charging pile, namely the handshake stage, the charging parameter configuration stage, the charging stage, the charging end stage, and the end stage.

In the CAN communication process, matching resistors play a vital role. Matching resistors can ensure the smoothness of CAN communication, ensure that frames will not be lost during the communication process, and ensure the normal operation of the device.

Can match the resistor by adding a 120 ohm resistor at each end. That is, 120 ohms are built into the CAN port of the MCU motherboard 120 ohms are placed on the car side, and a resistance of about 60 ohms is ensured in the can circuit for communication.

The baud rate of Can communication between the vehicle and the charging pile is 250Kbps.

Can communication between the vehicle

Use the Can communication box to capture the communication messages between the charger and the vehicle.

1. Open the software can test.


2. Select the corresponding can box model on the selected device

Select the corresponding can box model

3. Select baud:250K

Select baud

4. Click to confirm and start can start charging. During the charging process, there will be interaction and data between the vehicle BMS and the charging pile. After the data is saved, the saved data is parsed according to the national standard can protocol.

The above is the method of data collection using the can communication box.

Can data collection be generally used for incompatible data sampling of vehicle piles to identify incompatible problem points for optimization?

It can also be used as a fault judgment point when the vehicle and charging pile cannot communicate. For example, when the can box captures data, if no data is received, it is judged that the scan module of the main control board MCU has no data transmission, which may be caused by damage to the can module.

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