How to obtain the charging station on the Charging Pile APP

One of the most basic functions of the Wow Charger charging pile APP is to help users find nearby charging stations. However, how does the charging pile APP obtain the information of these charging stations? This article will reveal the secrets for you in terms of data update, data display, and technical implementation.

1. Data update

In the charging pile APP, timely updating of charging station information is crucial. Usually, this data comes from charging pile operators, government departments, power companies, and other related parties. However, we have our own charging pile management platform The platform has information about various operators and their corresponding charging stations, including the location, type, and number of charging piles of charging stations. The charging pile management platform updates this information to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of the information.

Charging pile management platform login

2. Data display

After the APP obtains the latest charging station information from the platform through the API interface, it will display the data to the user in an intuitive way. Because we have integrated the Google Maps plug-in into the APP, users can display charging stations in two ways after authorizing the location permission of the APP. One is to display charging station icons of nearby charging stations based on positioning on the map. The user clicks on the icon. You can view the charging station information; the second is to display it in a list, arranged from nearest to far according to distance. Both methods will display information such as the name and distance of the charging station.

Charging site information

3. Technical implementation

For data interaction between the platform and the APP, we use the HTTP-related interface protocol, which is an application layer protocol used to transmit hypertext and is widely used on the Internet. This standardized protocol simplifies the data transmission process and improves the efficiency of data exchange. We encrypt the charging station information during the data transmission process to ensure user privacy and data security. Encryption technology converts charging station information into a string of ciphertext, and only authorized users can decrypt and obtain the original data. In this way, even if unauthorized users obtain the data during transmission, the content cannot be interpreted, ensuring data security.

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