How to operate the automatic refueling machine

Friends who are in contact with the self-service refueling machine for the first time have doubts about the use of the refueling nozzle. Many people ask whether the refueling gun needs to be pressed all the time.

In general, it is not necessary, because most of the fuel guns have a fixing device, the grease gun will be pressed automatically, and no manual pressing is required,

but there are also very few fuel nozzles that do not have a locking device and need to be manually pressed to refuel. It depends on the actual situation.

self-service refueling machine

How to operate the self-service refueling machine?

1. The first thing to understand is that there are three payment methods for self-service refueling machines: cash, bank card, and fuel card. If you use a fuel card to pay, you must ensure that you have sufficient money before refueling.

2. Drive the car to the self-service refueling area, and drive to the refueling machine corresponding to the fuel number according to the instructions on the sign. Then stop the engine and turn off the car’s power.

3. Before refueling, touch the metal block on the fuel dispenser to release the static electricity on your hands. If you use a bank card or fuel card to refuel, insert the card into the card slot. After hearing a “click”,

enter the password according to the prompt; if you use cash Follow the prompts to put in coins of the specified denomination.

IC card refueling

4. After entering the refueling interface, select the refueling method, whether to add “fixed amount” or “fixed amount of fuel”. After entering the specific amount or amount of fuel, you can take out the refueling nozzle.

5. Open the fuel tank cap, insert the refueling nozzle into the fuel tank port,

and pull the trigger of the refueling nozzle to start refueling.

6. When you hear a “click”, it means that the oil has been filled.

At this time, shake the fuel gun a few times, do not let the oil leak when taking it out,

put the fuel gun back in its original position, take out the card, and then cover the fuel tank cap.


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