How to Order Mini Gas Station From China

Bluesky hot sale mini gas station

Since Bluesky produced the mini gas station, more than 1000 units have been sold, our company is a professional manufacturer of mini gas stations and has more than 25 years of experience, Among them, the sales volume ranks first in the Philippines, almost every month there will be more than 5 orders from different customers, Every month will need to produce more than 30 units. So our factory is busy every month. And established long-term cooperative relationships with many customers.

mini gas station

It is very important to find a professional and powerful manufacturer

In fact, our company is an option for you

  1. The sales volume of mini gas stations is the first.
  2. High-quality and perfect solution (GPRS, APP management system)
  3. Provide free customized services to build your independent brand and promote your business
  4. Warranty period: one year (free accessories are provided to you)
  5. Complete product certificate
  6. Very good service, from the first conversation to the end of the order, and after-sales service
  7. Quick reply to any of your questions.

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How to order mini gas stations from China

There are many ways to import, such as Alibaba, Made in China, traditional email chat to reach a deal, and offline payment.

In the Philippines, the most common and easiest way to import.

  1. find a professional and powerful manufacturer from china.
  2. Confirm the products and technical parameters you need to buy, and tell us your needs for machines.
  3. Looking for a customs clearance agent or shipping agent.

If you have a customs clearance agent at the port, we can ship to your port, Your customs clearance agent helps you through customs. if you have a shipping agent, this is better, they will help you import from china to the Philippines. So, when you are importing large quantities of goods, it is better to have a forwarder. If you are importing products in bulk from China, it is better to have a customs clearance agent.

  1. payment through the Alibaba platform.

When everything is ready, arrange the payment, many customers are afraid that the transaction is not guaranteed, but you can order through the Alibaba platform, credit guarantee order

  1. After the payment is successful, wait for the machine to be completed.

6000L mini gas station

How can I get the product? can it be delivered to my address(door to door)

It is necessary to find a shipping company, for many Filipino customers, often use their own shipping agents to import products from China to the Philippines. When delivered to the customer’s home, the customer can easily get the products he imports without going to the port to pick up the goods. Because some Philippine shipping companies have warehouses in China, Chinese suppliers only need to send the machine to the warehouse, and they can help customers ship it to the Philippine warehouse. Customers can go to the warehouse to pick up the goods by themselves Or ask the shipping company to deliver the goods to your door.

How to pay? Is the transaction safe?

I often receive questions from different customers, how do I pay?

You can pay through Alibaba, it is very safe. Usually 30% in advance and 70% before shipment. Please contact our Alibaba store:

Thank you very much for reading my article, For other questions, please comment or contact us online.


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